q-and-aHey guys!

How’s the weekend going? I hope yours has been better than mine 😊

I came across this funny symbol for the friend-zone and I couldn’t stop laughing at it. I mean it simply captures the whole situation where one person has feelings for another while the other person is just like;Β ‘we’re friends dude, nothing more!’ 😦 😦 


Photo Credit: dailymail.co.uk

The half heart shape is completed with a thumbs up! (that’s just mean! LOL)Β Although the picture is funny, the idea of being in the friend-zone sucks! I’m sure some of us have been on both sides of the spectrum and we can totally relate. πŸ˜‚

The question for today’s post is this:

Why do good girls/guys get friend-zoned?Β 

I mean, you see a guy who checks out items on your list and you can already envision a beautiful future with him but he just wants you as his friend and nothing more! And you’re such a good girl, the epitome of respect and homeliness! You can even cook all the meals in the world and pray from sunrise to sunset!Β Β But he still sees you as a really good friend who he wouldn’t mind finding a suitable date for.Β LOL πŸ˜ƒ


Photo credit: thefriendzone.us

Or it could be the other way. You meet a totally good guy who can be qualified as morally admirable; goes to church, does community service, gives out liberally, buys you whatever you need etc. πŸ˜‚Β  But there’s just no romantic attraction! You only like him enough to be your best buddy! Your go-to for relationship advice. Your shoulder to cry on when you have a heartbreak and your hand to hold when going shopping. LOL.


Photo Credit: pinterest.com

So I want to get your opinions. Why do you think good guys/girls get friend-zoned? Is being good not good enough?Β 

For clarification:

‘Good’ here connotes: Having positive qualities; morally admirable; moral excellence; that which is pleasing or valuable.

While ‘friend-zone’ means:Β What you attain after you fail to impress a woman you’re attracted to. Usually initiated by the woman saying, “You’re such a good friend”. Usually associated with long days of suffering and watching your love interest hop from one bad relationship to another. -Source

Please share your thoughts in the comment section! Feel free to reply someone else’s comment without condemning or demeaning them please.Β 

Thank you!