Hey guys! So I got tagged by the adorable Katie from Concealed Foundation for the ‘My Day in Selfies’ Tag.  Please check out her very lovely blog.  It’s a whole world of goodness and cuteness there! Thank you for the tag Katie! 🙂 🙂 ❤ ❤ 

So basically the rules are:
– Take a selfie every hour during one whole day of you going about your life.
– It would be cool if you could show what you’re doing in the selfie as well as showing yourself. Feel free to include other people in your selfie too if you’re with others!
– Post all your selfies in a blog post so your followers can see what your day looks like. Feel free to include captions.
– Include the rules of the tag.
– Nominate some other bloggers to participate.

Quick note: My regular routine selfies are pretty much me in the same place, doing the same things. So I decided to use selfies from my beach hang out with the family a week ago.  Phototastic-03_09_2016_db06fdc1-4f90-418e-8ee7-856a4448988b

It was a Saturday, so I slept a little longer than usual 😀 From 10 am-12 noon I was pretty much ironing for the week, cleaning my room and lazying around for the most part of it. I activated my Garfield mode. Hehe.  (sorry, no selfies to show)

Went out with my family from 1 ish. First stopped at the mall to get school supplies for the kids who were already preparing for the school year. So sad my babies are going back to school! 😦 😦 😦 But at least I had them for the summer break! 😀


Oh yeah, we made a few stops at some eateries to pick up some edibles for the beach hangout. Then headed to the beach. But guess what? It was raining!

2016-08-27-5608We wanted to turn back but my little niece kept insisting we proceed.


We did and as soon as we were done eating, the rain stopped. Isn’t that some cool childlike faith in action?!   Phototastic-03_09_2016_e6589c4d-0a5c-4834-b019-ed42e238328a

I finally overcame my fear for large bodies of water and I had a cool time. My selfie game was low though, because I had more pictures taken by someone else! I’d share that with you too 😊


Sorry I didn’t keep to the hourly selfies and I can’t pinpoint the time I took some of these. But believe me, these are better than my regular stay at home in front of the TV selfies 🙈😂

Lessons I learnt

  1. See the world through the eyes of a child. I had been in Lagos for a while but never really observed the beauty surrounding it. The massive water under third mainland bridge or the smooth sand under my feet at the beach. For all these and more, my kids kept ‘wowing’. I mean, life is really beautiful when seen through the eyes of a child.
  2. Childlike faith. Her faith that the rain was mere drizzles that wouldn’t last intrigued me. God wants us to have such faith in Him and His ability to control every circumstance.


I tag!

Everyone interested in this! It’s so much fun! 😉