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Femininity is not only about wild curves and a fine face

It has more to do with the calm soul inside that breathes still into every kind of chaos

It is the cold compassion that overflows in the face of wrong

It is not about the countless stilettos that swim out when you part the drawer

Or the artillery of make-up that sit till “forever” on the dressing table.

It is the adorable ‘you’ left standing when you get off your heels and wipe off the entire make up

It’s the ocean of tears that laugh at your imperfections and scream at you to be louder than your fears

Beauty is only skin deep; the journey inside a woman is a true test of courage and strength that complement the attractiveness on the outside.

When Adam saw Eve, I imagine he looked at her in awe and thought β€˜all of this glamour, from my own rib?’

The long sleep was completely worth it; and oh! the missing rib, it had completely paid off.

He hoped for a companion and a playmate; an equal, a partner

But no! Their likeness was estranged. Equality for them was strangled and replaced with equity.

She didn’t have his strength, he thought. Then she became a mother, despite her softness and yielded the 9-months of immaculate pain.

Her sense of care was absolute; nowhere close to what he called “maximum”.

He wanted this quality so dire until he invented that his adrenalin could rush off the entire family on one arm to safety. He then realized how badly he lacked visible emotions of care, but deep inside, harbored compassion and love that was carefully enshrouded and buried alive in muscles.

Whatever he lacked, was right there inside his rib. When he lost his zeal, she would rise up to the occasion and cheer him off to victory.

If she ever ran out of options, he would calmly loom to the top of the list; her divine aide

Women weren’t taken from the rib of a man to be everything a man already is

All the extra hair, the curves and the delicateness put them on an entirely different scale

Women are a major complement that completes the bigger picture

When nature needed calm to counterpoise all the robustness and strength a man had, women came up as the best option

When discipline became too much of a tool to trim a child, women resurfaced again

While men toil under the sun, tilling the soil and sweating buckets to be breadwinners, women keep the home and square the circle to make that bread and even stay back to raise more breadwinners and bread makers

Whether your job is white collar or pink collar, progress is paramount.

A shovel looks very much like a spade

But only the ground knows how differently they feel when they hit it

Men and women are not commutable

They fit exactly where they’re made for without overlapping.

Men and women are the last of God’s creation; fearfully and wonderfully made.

One crafted with strength, muscles and industriousness; the other adorned with glamour, empathy and a bleeding heart.

Women are the beautiful carriages that generations come and go in

Men are the adorable, proud stallions that power these carriages and set them in motion.

Without the carriage, the horse is strayed and without a sense of direction

Women hold the whips to drive out our fears and give us a reason to gird up our loins and lead them safely home

Without the horse, the cart is just a piece of fine furniture with no intent of moving

Men hold the keys that put the carriage on its wheels

Why have some women and men thrown out their place in the home into the office and opened the door for human rights and equality to sit in the sofa and soak up all the love and affection

Trends have made it necessary for women to soar up high ranks on the corporate ladder and excel in every other career

This is an adorable honor and a perfect addition to every family

It shouldn’t subtract even an inch from your commitment to family

Dear Feminists,

You really do have a point. It’s a great blessing to be born XX

But don’t you forget that what comes right after the X is a Y

A Man and a Woman were knitted together

This beautiful chemistry is part of the creation story

We’re on the same side of the ring

We’re in no competition

You’re a wonderful species and your uniqueness drops the gavel hard on “no need for comparison”.

Beautiful show-stoppers! Stunning people!

We’re your divine beholders.


Written by Irvin Quart from Abena Kwame.

14 thoughts on “When Adam Saw Eve

  1. Very well spoken, and nice to hear that feminine women still exist. I had to look outside of the States to find that quality. Women and men don’t need to compete, they should be knit together to form a whole. Thanks for bringing that message, I was beginning to believe it was lost in America.


    1. Aww, thanks for stopping by and contributing! Indeed, it’s not a competition. I’m glad you found that quality even outside the States πŸ˜€ (though I’m sure it’s not completely lost there)

      Liked by 1 person

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