I’m about to write on a very unlikely subject. This just goes to show that the Holy Spirit can’t be boxed by ‘likely’ topics. So yeah, this may be a PG post- or not. I’m just tryna ease you up before dropping the girl bomb on you. You know that period every month where ladies seem to be short-fused, irritated, cranky, clingy or plain emotional! For some ladies, the menstrual period is a time of excruciating pain where painkillers become their best friends. Others, it’s just a really uncomfortable period where you can’t wear colored outfits. Lol.

What really goes on is a discharge of blood from the female parts (sounds gross, I know) and I guess some hormones in action also make women really sensitive at this point. I can’t remember much of my biology lessons so I may not be able to fully explain this. Point is, I’m always exhausted when I’m in that period and every slight thing irritates me. I could snap at every ill spoken word. But I don’t mean to be that cranky or irritated, I just find myself being that way. It’s almost unexplainable! Some women could even eat more when they are in that period just to top up the energy lost from the discharge.

A lot of us are familiar with the woman with the issue of blood who touched the edge of Jesus’ clothes and got healed (Luke 8:43-48). While trudging to the bus station with heavy feet and irritation written all over my face as a result of the sun overhead and the impending traffic, the Holy Spirit brought the story to remembrance. Ideally, women go through that grueling period for some 5 days tops. But this woman went 12 years! I don’t even think they used portable sanitary towels as we do. Maybe she had to use napkins or something. Think of the money she would have even spent on getting all those towels!

You know the tiredness and irritation I just explained? Yes, she felt all of that. Her strength was gone. Every little activity wore her out. And here’s the massive crowd around Jesus. She couldn’t scream for help like the beggars. She was too unclean for her friends to drop her from the roof like the paralyzed dude.

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She was desperate for help. Save me or I die. That’s the state she was.

One last press; one last push. That’s what sends a baby’s head popping out isn’t it? When you push with the last strength within you; that, she did. Tired; emotional; weak; cranky; irritated by the bunch of sweaty men surrounding Jesus. She pressed. She pushed, until she could feel the linen fabric through her slender fingers. Alas! She touched him. Alas! She was healed.


There are situations we have been managing and circumstances that have gotten us at our wits end; prayers that seem to remain unanswered. Breakthroughs that just wouldn’t come through and your strength is slipping away with every breath. What if I told you all you needed was one last press with all you’ve got. Don’t give up on that miracle. Don’t give up on that project or dream. Press for it! It doesn’t matter how many rejections you’ve gotten for your proposal. You’re tired, I know. You’re frustrated, I know. But just one push can make the difference.

To complete the story, Jesus noticed virtue went out of him. Someone’s faith had gotten her the victory. ‘Who touched me?’ He asked. And the crowd got confused because people were literally pressed upon him. But no, this touch was different. Just imagine Heaven being still for a moment as God asks who’s that person pressing? Who’s that still knocking? Who’s that still praying? Who’s that still trusting?

She came forward. As shy as I am about sharing on MP today; as timid as I am about being mocked. She came forward. On an unrelated note, some of us don’t go out for altar calls when we know the call is for us because of this same timidity.

But she was able to come out. And Jesus sealed the miracle for her. Glory!


Get desperate!

Press with your last strength!

Be ready to step out in faith!

Hope you were blessed by my sermon on the bus? 😃 And yes, now you know why your gf/wife gets a little ‘unusual’ at that time of the month 😉

©Mfon Etuk, 2016




25 thoughts on “One Last Press

  1. Thank you for the awesome, encouraging, and uplifting sermon.
    I always love your analogies ~ you have the gift of writing Parables.
    I love that !!! I always LOVE reading your blogs ~ you have a way with
    words. God bless you for sharing what the Holy Sprit stirs in your heart for
    so many to glean from – God bless you my sister in Christ !! ❤️

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  2. Ok I laughed out loud on the first paragraph but on a serious note this is the truth! Without faith it is impossible to please God, and desperate faith always yields results! And don’t worry about the mp analogy lol I just wish that men could go through it just once!

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  3. Awesome lessons!
    what if she decided to just sit back at home and wallow in self pity, afterall its been 12 whole years of this bloody mess with all the funny emotions. N2S- dont let emotions stop you from getting your miracle.


  4. Beautiful write up, i was wondering what would have happened to her if some one had convinced her not to touch, that is impossible to get a healing by just touching Jesus garment, as we are sometimes advised that it is not possible to get somethings done with our present economic situation. Just wondering.


    1. Ah! Very true. Sometimes we get so distracted by the storms of life that our faith begins to waver. I pray for unwavering faith for us. Thanks for your contribution Becky!


  5. I kinda smile with those great analogies wanting to get to the end of it and going through the comment I happened to be the a guy to post on a great post as this. The comment of Adaugo Looollzzzz and your follow up comment, V.v.funny but just to encourage you guys. Men don’t have the grace to go through such ooo, we weren’t designed for that.
    When I go through times like this ,there is always one question “What did I first believe?” We go through seasons that made us think our teacher is silent but that is when He speaks most but we allow our problems to create a cloud and we are unable the see the beautiful sky. Push, Let me just try one more time like the words of Peter when he had the first contact with the Lord .
    Waiting and praying knowing that God has delivered my request and it is on its way. What if it is the case of Daniel that God has answered his prayer but the deliverer was held by princes of the world? push and believe. God bless your heart as always.

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    1. Oh thank you Mike! You always know how to shed more light on places I didn’t cover. Yes, the Daniel’s experience could be the case sometimes. We need to press on to have the answers delivered. Haha! It’s not weird having a boy finally comment 😀


  6. Wow! I wow! This was an awesome and totally outside of the box unusual probably unprecedented post and I love it. I learned a lot from this actually. You legit made the menstrual cycle a sermon LOL. You are awesome for that. It goes to show that the natural things that God created can all be used to bring glory to His kingdom. Awesome post!!!


      1. No not too weird at all. It is a great analogy and super creative hahaha. but it definitely takes guts!!!! i’m sure people would consider this post unorthodox to say the least hahaha.


  7. Awesome post and a very inspiring message! I admit, I was wondering where you were going with this in the beginning, but I love how you tied it all together! I think pretty much every girl can relate to this post, LOL!


  8. Dainty this is RealBoldTruth! Not an analogy many would dare to speak on in detail as you have! You know I love it!!! The press is necessary through the most complex circumstances in life! How else shall we experience the true essence of His Glory? Great post sweets!


    1. Yes indeed! We need to press to keep experiencing the true essence of His glory. Thank you Chanel! After having doses of RealBoldTruth from your blog, it’s only normal I emit same! 😀

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  9. Oh dear Sister, may God bless your writing ministry. May God increase you in Him. I was blessed, inspired and encouraged. It gave me a brighter sight of calvary. Thanks Sis.


  10. Just wondering how many of us live our lives. Being at the wrong place most of the time. We shouldnt always expect the best outta life when we spend our time in beer palours, pool/gamble houses, strippers houses and clubs.. This woman wouldnt have gotten her Miracle if she wasnt in the right place at that moment… God bless you Dainty, I’m touched


    1. Oh wow! I didn’t even see it that way. Yes indeed, being at the right place at the right time is very important! Thank you for pointing that out Chidi! God bless you too! 😀


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