Hey guys!

How’s the weekend going? I hope it’s been as smooth as milk 😊 That was very cheesy, I know! LOL.

Well, I’ve been thinking about the DIY project to do but most of the ones online kinda need me to get some extra products. Anyway, before I go shopping for those, I decided to do a bit of mine.

I’ve got a couple of perfume boxes lying around (because I’m weirdly into storing up such cute boxes) πŸ˜ƒ

So instead of leaving these boxes to occupy some junk space, I decided to get them to use.

Nail Polish Box

This first box was a gift set so its wide enough…to hold my nail polish bottles! πŸ˜…



So I pulled out the little transparent sheet over the box and let the top out (so I can easily pick and return nail polish at will.

Cream and Cologne Box

This is a Britney spears perfume box. I love the perfume but I think I like the box a little more! πŸ™ˆ Well, it’s got colors!


I’m using this box for hand creams, colognes, body sprays and the like. You know, all those bottles that take up space on your dressing table. πŸ˜ƒ

Β Minions Box

I got this lovely minions mug from a friend of mine. She knows how much I love minions! 😊  Well, a normal person would use the mug for coffee and throw away the box. But not me! Haha!

So first, I used the box to store up my lipsticks, make up brushes and pencils. Basically, it’s a make up box! Especially for those items that are bound to spill or get smeared.


I’m using the cup to keep my stash of highlighters and pens. I sure love having colorful highlighters (colors make me happy!) πŸ˜ƒ


So well! There you have it! I’ve managed to reduce the items lying on my dressing table. Plus, I’ve found a way to preserve my favourite boxes without leaving them as junk!

***Have you got some items you just can’t seem to throw out even if they’ve got no use?Β Β 

Why not think outside the box and come up with a fun DIY? I’d love to help! ❀😊

Have a fabulous weekend!

PS: Remember to check out Sunday’s post! 😘



20 thoughts on “DIY- Out of the Box

  1. Great post and very creative ideas! I actually do the same thing with one of my mugs! 😱 This is pretty random, but the title reminded me of a children’s show that I watched growing up by the same name. I nearly forgot about it up until now, but the 90s/early 2000s nostalgia is coming back! πŸ˜‚


  2. You are so creative – I loved this post !! I bet you love to decorate too … that is one thing I really enjoy doing ~ sometimes when I am cleaning I move things around from one room to the next … and my family asks “why” ?? I answer i just needed a change ! LOL
    I had to laugh when I read Courtney’s comment I used to watch Out of the Box when she was little with her … I still remember the song ” Take one box put it with another … ” guess that’s enough singing LOL : ) Great post – loved your fashion and DIY posts and look forward to more !
    God bless you – you are awesome !!


    1. Oh yes! I get that need for changing stuffs around the room. I get bored by the same arrangement πŸ˜€ Haha, just imagined you singing! I’m sure you’d make for a great singer as Courtney is one as well and a lyricist! Thank you for all the kind words. God bless you too! You’re super cool!


      1. Awwww you’re so sweet : )
        I love to sing but singing is not one of my gifts LOL : ) Courtney has musical talent .. not me !! Glad to know I am not alone with my decorating LOL I’m in great company !!
        Have a blessed day !


      2. LOL! Oh wow! Now I’m more curious about how you’d perform at a karaoke. Oh yes! You’re not alone in the home decor and constant need for re-arrangements. LOL! Thank you! Have a great day!


      3. LOL LOL ! I am very extroverted I would definitely sing … but it might not b enjoyable for everyone else LOL !!
        I LOVE looking at magazines and online at home decorating tips and ideas … hmmm maybe you could post on Interior Decorating – I can tell you are very creative – love that !! God bless !!!


  3. Oose! Mug turned Highlighter keeper, i need you to visit my store of boxes and you know, do what you do best…#wink

    I’ll generally apply this to the normal human life and think of the boxes as baggages and pains in our lives, instead of storing them up because we find it difficult to let go off them, we should simply “DIY” them and convert them to something that gives value.

    A classic example would be at a time in my life when i experienced a break up and rejection, you know how this feelings are, it will overwhelm you and consume you if not “DIYed” quickly, i simply enrolled to acquire an entirely new skill different from my field of study, so i channeled the anger and pain into learning and improving my value, and today that skill pays off immensely.

    Thanks for sharing .M.


  4. This is totally amazing. I love love DIY tips, they just make life easier and less messy.
    Btw, I used to think I was the only one who liked to keep boxes and paper bags even lol.
    Thanks a bunch for sharing!


  5. hahaha lol. i have so many unused boxes at home i think i’m crazy sometimes. but your ideas are so creative! i think i’ll follow suit. thanks for sharing sister girl. oh, and your dresser is too cute! πŸ™‚


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