This is post is close to my heart and I hope it touches yours too. Read and enjoy! ❤

Adaugo's Diary

As I lay here looking for sleep, I am convinced that loneliness knows my name, and pretty much where I live. I pick up my phone for the umpteenth time, scrolling up and down, looking for a message or a notification or even an email. Searching for some kind of clue to remind me that someone somewhere is thinking of me and that I am not alone. I looked and looked, nothing. Just as I was about to drop my phone it beeped, my heart leapt for joy at the thought that someone somewhere had remembered me, but that joy was short lived because it was  just an email from school, sigh.

I dropped my phone and looked at the ceiling, frustrated and feeling like crap. The tears which are ever so familiar to me start to burn behind my lids and just as they start to fall, I catch…

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