Hey guys!

It’s the Weekend Extra post! Woo-hoo! How’s your weekend going? Mine has been pretty lazy with my eyes glued to the screen. I just watched the movie ‘Me Before You’ and it made me shed a few tears. I’m not a fan of tragic endings but this left me torn. Like really, why do people have to die and leave their lovers in pain? (Oops, spoilers!)But it’s really sad! 😦 😦

Moving on, I’ve had some fashion posts in my head I never really get to put up 🙈 so here is one of such. This is more like a mix and match set of outfits for work. Sorry guys, I still haven’t gotten any outfits here for you. But hey, if you’re a guy that’s into fashion we could work something out!  😀

Photo Credit: Likesuccess.com

Work environments differ but the outfits here are pretty simple and very comfy. If your environment isn’t too strict about corporate wears, then you can work with these outfit ideas.

Certain basic things you must have in your wardrobe: 

  1. Blazer- I love blazers and I believe they can turn a casual outfit into something presentable. Boyfriend blazers have the unique blend between masculinity and femininity.  Phototastic-19_07_2016_b841a53c-e3ca-45c0-9b79-06d678939d92
  2. Neutral slacks and skirts – these provide the foundation when building outfits. If your bottoms are toocolourful, it would be a bit confusing when it comes to mixing tops. Keep the bottoms plain and simple (as it’s a work outfit)
  3. Dresses- oh yes! I love dresses because they are super chic. Definitely a must have for any lady!
  4. Basic accessories- these include shoes (both flats and heels), bags, neck pieces, bracelets, earrings and belts. Certain mild rules apply when mixing accessories with outfits. Stick to simple accessories that are work friendly.
  5. Blouses and shirts- I’m not really a fan of tailored and structured shirts (but you’d need more of those in a strict corporate workplace) I really love blouses and chiffon tops though. They are comfortable and quite flattering. Phototastic-19_07_2016_8fe72acf-b621-4277-bf0d-9ad4857779ce

When it comes to dressing, I’ve got certain principles that guide me and I believe everyone should have such when building a personal style. Modesty is key when it comes to dressing (particularly work outfits) I also value comfort a lot and I stick more with comfy cropped pants, light blouses (because of the heat) and shift dresses. I also do more of ballet flat shoes than heels. Sneakers are my favourites whenever I get the chance to use them!

Confession: I love styling my outfits for a month and write them in my wardrobe planner. 🙈 I love helping people sort out their wardrobe for a period of time with a detailed plan to stick with (we all know how exhausting it is to wake up not knowing what to wear). So hey, if you need a wardrobe planer, you’ve got me! (I’m just a mail away!) 😃

Have you got a personal style? Or some signature outfits? Please share!






17 thoughts on “Style 101: Work Outfits

  1. Love the outfits too !! I confess I love clothes shopping … too much !!
    I LOVE your style & taste in clothes …
    I am with Courtney if you are ever in the USA we have to
    go shopping and do lunch … my treat : )

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh I love blazers!
    They just change ones look in a good way!

    I need a wardrobe planner. I’m the worst with coordinating my clothes for the week..
    In fact I need new clothes.


  3. I wish I could be like you when it comes to coordinating my wardrobe. Me, I wait till the morning of that day before I start looking through my clothes for what to wear.

    I’ve met someone too who writes down her entire outfit combination for the month. I wish!

    Meanwhile, you really should start planning to travel to the USA. Enough friends waiting for you already.


    1. Haha! Thanks Lily! Hmm, I’d be freaking out if I didn’t know what to wear before the day. LOL. It’s almost an OCD. But hey! I’d be happy to help you organize yours- just say the word! 😀 As for the trip, you’ll have to come along as my fellow wanderlust partner 😉


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