Hi guys!

It’s quite glaring that this blog covers a lot on godliness and spirituality. However, I’d like you to know God is involved in all the little things. That being said, I’d be expanding this blog to cover the different spheres of our lives including; work, school, health, money, relationships etc. while presenting the God factor in all these areas of life. So hey, as much as it’s awesome to be spiritually victorious, you need to have all round victory as well. I’ll be building myself on these areas and by God’s grace feeding you from my experiences and those of others. Thank you so much for the readership!

In furtherance to certain goals set for the blog this year, new posting days will be introduced;

Wednesday Rebloggy– I’m surrounded by so many beautiful and inspiring blogs and I wouldn’t want to selfishly consume them on my reading list alone. I’ve decided to start reblogging such interesting posts I’m sure you will love! **Watch this space every Wednesday***

Weekend Extra- well, I’ve done certain DIY projects and weekend specials in the past but this promises to be more exciting as I will try and cover topics ranging from fashion, to food, and more Q and As on relationship. Please don’t miss out on the posts every Saturday.

As I previously mentioned, the focus of this blog will be expanding to touch every area of man’s existence, including the mundane day to day activities. New categories featuring Fashion, Lifestyle, Relationships, Food & Health and so on will also come to play!

I know it’s a bit late to say welcome to the second half of the year! But hey, better late than never. I deeply appreciate the support I’ve gotten so far from you all. I pray that every post encourages you and takes you a step further in the life of victory!

God bless you!

PS: Sunday Inspiration and Friday Fiction posts still continue. 😀

Lots of love,



12 thoughts on “Second Half

  1. I love you new blogging plan : )
    Excited to see all you will be sharing
    I agree completely – Jesus wants to be part of our lives in the big things and little things – be blessed – love your heart for Jesus and for all the people in your life


      1. Awwww you are so sweet and the feeling is mutual. Courtney’s talked about you for so long ! I am so happy to finally meet you get to know you. Now I know why Courtney thinks you’re so awesome because you are!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thank you so much for the kind words Courtney’s mom. I’m walking on sunshine and grinning from ear to ear 😀 I was telling Courtney how cool it is to be blogging alongside her mom 🙂 ❤


      3. Forgive me I take longer than Courtney to reply – sometime “life” keeps me busy LOL .. But I am so happy you were walking on sunshine & grinning … I love your blogs and how you write from your heart – you’re the child of the Lord walk on sunshine knowing you are loved !!! bless you as you live for Jesus – by the way I know you make Jesus smile : ) keep being amazing !!


      4. Aww, making Jesus smile is our priority! 🙂 Thank you so much Courtney’s mom! We may have to continue this correspondence by mail as the comment boxes don’t do justice, lol.

        Liked by 1 person

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