Here is our first post on Wednesday Rebloggy! This really inspired me and I couldn’t help but share πŸ™‚

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I am not black,you are not white. Let’s just be humans and it might be a lot easier to accept one another. Who‬ would you be if the society did not label you a particular colour. This is largely irrelevant to our existence. We didn’t choose to be white nor black, lets be one, lets be together. Humanity is one, our genetic combination does not create a divide, myopic and selfish humans did, as technology and the world advances so should humanity and knowledge of existence, the barbaric idea of one race superior toΒ the otherΒ is backward and barbaric. it should go into extinct. To me #alllivesmatter and are equal.

The video below inspires me, i hope it inspires you too.

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