Don’t put me in a box.  

Don’t limit me by the things you can’t do 

The heights you can’t reach 

The situations you can’t change 


Just because you find it hard to forgive that wrong 

Doesn’t mean I find it so hard to forgive your sins 

Just because you don’t love yourself 

Doesn’t mean I’ll stop loving you! 


I created time but I am not limited by it 

I created the universe but I’m not confined by it 

Even death can’t limit me 

So why should you? 


Don’t limit me by your mind 

Just because you can’t see it 

Doesn’t mean it’s not there 

Just because you can’t see me 

Doesn’t mean I’m not there 


Take the limits off me 

And open your mind 

Your mind will be completely blown away 

When you see all the things I can do 

Take that leap of faith!

©Mfon Etuk, 2016