I pondered the frailty of man 

As I trudged through each day 

Weary from the burdens I bear 

What more can I say? 

This morning was the same 

I careened down the street 

With heavy designer bags weighing down my eyelids 

The vanity of living in this world 

Has weighed on my heart heavily 

I’m fagged out of it all 

Unbeknownst to me what was about to befall me 

There she was, crossing the road 

When in the twinkle of an eye 

She was pushed down 

And rolled over by the tricycle 

It could have been worse 

Say a truck or a pathfinder 

I watched her unconscious body sprawled on the road 

In total shock and dismay 

Oh the frailty of man! 

One minute you’re here and the next you’re gone 

Why then do we pursue riches 

Without regarding who would gather it when we’re gone? 


Why do we live as though there is no end? 

Why do we hate and tug at each other in order to be ahead in the rat race? 

Why do we relegate our friends and family to the backseat while our insatiable search for wealth

Takes on front row? 


We are like flowers, 

We bloom, we blossom but we also wither and are no more, 

Oh dear heart, be comforted 

For this isn’t the end 

Death is but a portal to a new life 

©Mfon Etuk, 2016 frailty


Endings are always portals to new beginnings.



14 thoughts on “The Frailty of Man

  1. Sigh, I pray that God will give us the wisdom and the discernment to pursue the things that actually matter. To help us to be more focused on storing treasures above than here on earth where moths and termites will ravage them. This really spoke to me I’ve been so weighed down, but now my problems seem smaller, thanks darling.


  2. This so strikes a cord. Probably many! The human heart is never satisfied! It’s just a part of our nature (possibly the sinful side) Proverbs 27:20 speaks it. I am obsessing with getting my bath and kitchen remodeled. It’s all I’ve been thinking about wanting lately. I’ve been in my house 4 years and both rooms are incredibly dated. Original everything and the site is beginning to sicken me! I don’t have the money to do the projects and feel frustrated like why can some who don’t even acknowledged God get these things when I am a daughter of the most high and struggle. Again I am sure this is part of that lust of three but still I long for it! SMH!😑

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    1. Oh my Chanel! I obsess the same way about a lot of stuffs that may not actually make much sense in the long run. But God still loves us and I pray He teaches us how to focus on the important stuffs. 🙂

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  3. Chanel is always bae! hehehe.

    oh yes! we humans can be so caught up in what we have to accomplish that we lose focus on the real deal. majoring the minor and minoring the major.
    may God help us all.

    Thanks Mfon for sharing this, infact I’m sending a link of this post to a frienf


  4. Nice one, its just so good we are always reminded of who we really are…. You’ve just done that…. more ink to your pen


  5. I saw a man full of life @ 10pm and while on all night prog. I had a call by 1pm that the man is gone.
    This post M. plays another part of what I’ve been dwelling on for the past months. What is life?, What constitutes ones real happiness? What are we really after? cos as a man, we seek for a number of things which we thought or think will make us comfortable and by the time we achieve it, the joy I thought I will feel isn’t there. You wanted to go to the university and become a graduate, you came out with a sound degree. Not satisfied, You wanted a job, You got a sound Job..Not satisfied, You wanted relationship, You got married to a wealthy, beautiful or handsome girl or boy, Not satisfied. You wanted companions, You got beautiful and awesome children, Not Satisfied, You wanted a place to call your own, You got a palace, Not satisfied. The list continues and a day comes , you’re no more. The psalmist said, Teach us to number our days that we may apply wisdom. but do you apply wisdom to what you have not understood, and how do you understand when you have not been taught. If only there was a prep class before we came here so that we can know what to pour our lives on when we are here. cos sincerely man is just passing to nowhere. The Frailty of Man.


    1. One of the most interesting things about blogging is getting to learn more from others. I ponder on these questions too but the answers are never forthcoming. Our desires remain insatiable. That’s why we need to shift focus to what God created us for. Only the manufacturer knows why he created us and we need to find out from Him. Thank you Mike for shedding more light. Sorry about your loss, I believe he’s in a better place. *hugs*


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