This story isn’t over, was the last thing I said and meant. It rained again today. But this time I was too weary to write. I ponder on a lot of things. And this time the difference between love and hate. I’m a hopeless romantic- you probably knew that already. Even though I constantly conceal that with a tough exterior. But I can’t lie to myself- even if I lie to others.

So yes I took the trip. And I met someone. We connected within a couple of days and just couldn’t get by without talking. He was eccentric- like me- and I liked him. He is an artiste. Sings for a living. To be honest, I don’t see the job security in that as there are a million other artistes around. Well, who am I to judge? I travel for a living. That’s as insecure as a job can get. Not a job, more like my life. But that’s okay.

He was sweet. His smile was full of radiance like the sun rising from the East over soft blue skies. He was spontaneous. He had this cheerful demeanor and his eyes pierced through the soul.Oh and yes he writes songs. He wrote one for me while we were in Greece and I loved it.

We toured the beautiful streets of Greece hands entwined. He made me laugh a lot more than I can remember doing. maybe I just needed a reason to laugh away my pain. He wasn’t into food and would pass on the traditional meals I was crazy about. I should probably write on the confessions of a foodie as I am one myself. 

Greece was a time of refreshing and he definitely made it worth it.

So are we together? You may ask.

No. Sadly.

He is married.

Found his ring in his guitar case. Of course I asked about it and then he stuttered a bit before explaining how he was having issues with his wife and needed to take a break. Sighs.


Isn’t it crazy how two people who couldn’t get their hands off each other while dating turn out to be two strangers who can’t stand being together in the same room?

Love and hate, such a thin line in between! One day you’re professing your deep undying love for her. The next, you shout hate words and stomp away never to look back.

It’s mind boggling! I once had someone declare his affectionate love for me. Called me all the sweet names in the book. But in the blink of an eye it was all over, and it was like nothing ever happened. The love words were gone. The sweet names, gone. It was as though nothing ever existed. Call me disillusioned.

How thin is the line between love and hate that people easily drift in and out of? Where does the passion all go to?

Love for me is a dream. It’s either I sleep on till death or I wake up and it’s gone. But not everyone likes sleep. Some people just have to wake us back to reality. Rather unfortunate, if you ask me. I wish we could love and not hate. But in reality, I believe more in hate than love. It surprises me when people say they are in love. Maybe I’m just being cynical. But it works fine for me.

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Greece was great. His name was George. And no he didn’t use the second ticket I had. I’ll probably use it some other time. But for now, I’m all set to go back home.

The weather is beautiful. The birds are chirping away. I waved at him one last time from the window of the cab, heading towards the airport. My heart is still a mess. But I’ll be fine. This story isn’t over yet. Stay with me.

©Mfon Etuk, 2016

15 thoughts on “Rachel’s Musings- Greece

  1. Mfon the new ‘Ajala traveler’ , lolz.

    However love is just a beautiful thing, it is humans behavioural manifestation that makes it look ugly – poor thing. Like in a post I wrote on my blog some days ago, love is not suppose to be something we do, its suppose to be who we are. Its quite unfortunate that most feelings people described ain’t nothing but illusion clouded in prejudices.

    Sorry about George, there is someone out there who is dying this very second to love and cherish you till you are overwhelmed. This is a beautiful, well written article which I presume to be a real experience though. Nevertheless can I forward my application letter? Hehehe.

    Have a fabulous weekend


    1. Hmmm. I really like your thoughts on love. Human behavioral manifestations do make it look ugly sometimes. And hey! Stop being a detective…tryna figure out if the story is real or not- Lol. I’d love to be in Greece right now though. 😃 Thanks Immanuel! BTW, your application may just be to join me on a mental world tour 😋 Have an awesome weekend!

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      1. lol dont mind me. im just too curious you know. the detective and over analysis part of me no lemme see road. lolz


  2. Love can feel fleeting and impossible to hold on to, but God specializes in the impossible! Two people have to work hard to keep the spark. When one stops working at the task that’s when the line starts getting thin. I’ve been with the same man for 11 years and am just as crazy about him today as in year #1. It’s hard work but worth the sacrifice.😍


    1. That’s why I need people like you in my life Chanel! 😊 It sure takes two to make it work. But some people get weary overtime and just stop trying. Thanks for the life lesson you’ve given me though. ❤❤

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  3. So many people do believe in love but I don’t . I think it’s a mental escape to run away from our situations and an excuse for being lonely or being with someone. When you spent countless hours with someone you become attached but after that you become normal with the person and the “love” disappears . so you see there is no love . just my personal opinion


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