When living like you is want I want to do 

I find myself being called an imposter 

‘Cause I only love when I feel like 

Talk about God when it’s convenient 


I’m so scared of being called a ‘Jesus Freak’ 

When I would rather be the coolest one on fleek 


Loving you? 

Pssst! That’s easy! 

Loving them? 

Do I really have to? 


See I know you died for my sins 

But every day I feel like I’m nailing you to the cross 

By the lies and pretence I play like candy crush 


Help me Lord! 

Now that’s my heart cry 

I realize I’m no superhuman 

Even though I have the supernatural genes 

In my blood 

Flowing from the blood which spilled on the cross 


Now how do I, 

A child of the king 

Live on earth with no authority? 

How do I rule and reign with Christ 

When my eyes still lust after the kingdom of the world? 


I want to live like you 

Now that’s more than just a prayer 

Cause I know living like you 

Means loving others the way you do 

Staying at peace with all men like you 

Withdrawing from the crowd and fame 

To go to the Father, hallowing His name 


I realize I can’t live like you on my own 

They can see through my facade 

So please help me 


A mere mortal 

Made immortal 

By the touch of immortality 

Keeping me above immorality 


Help me not to get entangled in the web 

That I forget to ‘X’ the page 

And turn to you for a clear reboot 

Unclutter my soul and ‘shift + Del’ my messes 


I want to be like you in every single way 

And if I have to die everyday 

Help me pay the prize 

Cause being just like you is all I want to be

©Mfon Etuk, 2016

17 thoughts on “Imitation

  1. Awww! See me blushing here. This babe aint got no chill, lolz.
    *hold mic*
    I want to tap into your writing ‘anointing’ when I grow up lolz. You sure writes good and this poem is simply bae.

    Oh, just a reminder I just did a post on “get to know me tag” recently. Thanks for tagging me

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww, you’re making me grin from ear to ear. Thank God for the anointing. I can also see the anointing in your life (don’t be greedy- lol) I’m going to check out the post now. Thanks once again! ❤ ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. .haven’t you read about the verse of the bible that says we should covet the best gift? Please let me longthroat o! 😀 , its good and necessary for my ministry. XD


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