Thank you Katie from Concealed Foundation for tagging me! Katie’s blog is such a beauty! You’d catch yourself smiling while reading her posts! 😀 ❤

get to know me

So let’s get to it!

Vital Stats

Name: Mfon

Nicknames: I’ve had quite a number of nicknames- but lately ‘Writer’s Brain’

Place of Birth: Northern Nigeria


Best Friend: Her name is Nene, I’ve known her all my life!

Award: First award, does Primary School prize giving count? 😀

Sport: Lawn tennis

Real Holiday: Christmas holiday! The fun family road trip to my hometown.

Concert: haven’t been to any- well because I’ve got phobia for crowded places. 🙂


Film: The Holiday- the one with Cameron Diaz

TV Shows: Too many to pick from! How I Met Your Mother, Friends, Melissa and Joey, Happy Endings to mention a few.

Color: All shades of blue 😉

Song: Currently, ‘Lost in the Moment’ by NF

Restaurant: Not sure I have a favourite restaurant. Any place with good food is fine by me!

Books: Do devotionals count? Because lately I’ve been slightly obsessed by devotionals by Cindy Trimm, Max Lucado, to mention a few.


Feeling: A little bored.

Single or Taken: Depends on who is asking 😉

Eating: Just had rice and fish stew

Wearing: A green and blue checkered shirt, grey skinny jeans, and my favourite sneakers.

Watching: The letters show up as I type them (stole this from Katie but I find it very descriptive! 😀


Want Children: Definitely!

Want to Get Married: Obviously! 😀

Careers in Mind: Media Communications specialist, traveler and youth coordinator

Where You Want To Live: All over the world! That’s what being a traveler means to me 😀

Do You Believe In

God: Yes!

Miracles: Yes!

Love At First Sight: Yes in the movies, but no in real life.

Ghosts: They sound scary but nah.

Heaven: Definitely! This my hope for living and dying.

Hell: Yeah. Keeps me constantly in check.

Kissing On The First Date: Nah.

Yourself: Learning to believe in myself because God is in me and works through me.

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I hope you enjoy this as much as I did!

Lots of love!


20 thoughts on “Get To Know Me Tag

  1. Great post! I also love Christmas, the show Friends, the color blue, and Max Lucado books! Thanks for the tag, I’ll be posting my replies shortly!


  2. This is so cool, Mfon! I loved learning more about you! 😀 Almost jumped out of my chair when you mentioned NF… lol. 😉 I’ve been listening to Therapy Session a bit lately! 😛 Have you heard it all?

    ❤ Koko


      1. Agh! The feeling is mutual! 😀 That’s so awesome! And, which do you think is his better album, Mansion or Therapy Session? 😉 *big hugs* ❤


      2. (replying to your lower comment up here, as it won’t let me reply any further down there!) I completely understand that! XD I don’t think I have a favourite either; both are equal in their awesomeness. 😉 ❤


  3. Great to meet the person behind this awesome blog. Thanks for nominating me, its such a great honour.
    I’ll be posting replies on that shortly.

    Have a great weekend


  4. Mfon!! This tag is so fun! 😀 I really enjoyed reading this! Thank you again for tagging me! 🙂 I’m very excited to do this one! 😉


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