Remember me 

When you’re gone 

Miles away from home 

When your heart longs for 

What it can’t reach 

What it can’t touch 

The longing so strong 

The desires insatiable 

Remember me 

When you get lost 

And your belief system gets tangled 

When you don’t know  

What to believe 

Who to trust 

Through the mounting insecurities 

And the daunting identity crisis 

Remember me 

The blood in my hands 

The tears on my face 

The strain in my voice 

When I gave it all up for you 

When I said it is finished 

So your life can get started 

Never forget me 

It’s you I love 

It’s you I have chosen 

It’s you I let live 

It’s you I died for  

Wherever you go 

Whatever you do 

Whoever you’re with 

Remember me 

©Mfon Etuk, 2016



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