Hey guys!

Thanks for hanging in there through the A-Z blogging challenge. I’ve definitely had some hard days where I can’t seem to write on any topic. But we won’t give up! 😊 Q

Today’s letter is Q and thanks to a brilliant suggestion by the lovely Sarah, I decided to make it ‘Questions and Answers’…I requested for questions to aid this post and I got a few. Thanks to everyone who sent in their questions. (It’s not too late to ask though, I can always update the post).  🙂

So let’s get to the questions:

  1. Who is your celebrity crush and why?
  2. What’s your favourite colour?
  3. If you were asked to rule this nation for a year, what would you change?
  4. What are the most memorable experiences you’ve had in your relationships?
  5. What’s the silliest excuse someone made for not dating you?
  6. Cats or dogs?
  7. What is your favourite Bible verse?
  8. What are your best moments so far?
  9. Any most embarrassing moments?
  10. As a Christian, do you feel/believe that relationships should be trouble free (more like perfect)?

My answers:

  1. My celebrity crush has changed over time but the name that easily comes to mind now is Lecrae 😍 Oh my! He’s got amazing build and he raps (and probably dances and plays Basketball) Lol. Plus, he loves the Lord! *dreamy eyes* I  really think he’s super cool. 😉

    Photo Credit: brthehump.com
  2. I love colours, as you probably know. But my favourite remains Blue.
  3. I’ve never really thought of ruling the country as I’m not a fan of politics. But in the unlikely scenario of me being a ruler, I think I’ll just cross out ‘world tour’ from my bucket list-Lol (that’s an inside joke). On a more serious note, I’ll align my policies towards building talents of youths.
  4. Most memorable experiences… I believe relationships here is the generally term that covers my friendships as well. Asides the normal fun hangouts once in a while I think for me the most memorable is being really open and sharing deep truths of past and present. That in itself unlocks a whole new level.
  5. The silliest excuse for me would be ‘you deserve better ‘ come on! I’m not stupid.😃
  1. I haven’t really kept pets. The one time I did, it was a cat. But I kinda prefer dogs (except when they bark at me-or chase me *covers face*)
  2. Currently my favourite Bible verse has to be Prov 4:23- Keep your heart with all diligence for out of it are the issues of life.
  3. Best moments so far…quite a number of them but I’ll just write two- graduation and a summer trip with my best friend
  4. Well yes. Although I avoid embarrassment as the plague. I’ve had embarrassing pictures taken of me eating, oh and yeah, embarrassing incidences of public speaking where I literally felt like melting into thin air.
  5. This is definitely a tough one. I don’t think relationships can be perfect as they are made up of imperfect individuals. But I do think as Christians, peace can be maintained and trouble averted to a large extent when both partners work towards that goal and maintain their roles.

Thanks once again for the questions! I enjoyed answering them. Feel free to still ask and I’ll update the post subsequently.

Lots of love,


10 thoughts on “Q and A

  1. Wow, Lecrae? Lol.
    One of the things I would do is focus on security agencies. I think they need reorientation on the ‘safeguarding lives’ tag. I like your proposal too.


  2. 1. I don’t really put these guys names in my head but I love good actors but if am to choose one The only person that comes to my mind is Dr. Myles Munroe.
    2. On colors I love the sight of Blue, The Green fields The red roses.
    3. If am allowed into the minds of every one I’m gonna cause and fine tune their mindset, create leadership character, integrity and service cos we lack this as a nation. we and children don’t really have a leader we can call our own.
    4. On a general term those who hurt you are the closest ones to your heart. so always carry out your duty that is assigned to you before I come.
    5.No one has nothing unless it is being given from above.
    6. On pets I go manage Dogs but Cats, I no dey House.
    7. To them who are tied to the living there is hope Eccl. 9:4
    8. Probably Grad day and when my boss asked me to represent him in an event. Graduation ceremony of pupils and I was told to give a speech which I didn’t prepare for but thank God for intuition.
    9. Mehn! This one is hard. The one that I remember was during my undergraduate days 100L. I was made the group leader in one of the assignments. during presentation up stage with a class of 200+,all eyes looking at me both good and evil na once my words finish for my mouth. The podium, pulpit the one place you don’t want your words to be exhausted.
    10. I don’t believe Christians should have the same troubles non Christians have. One thing I know is that everyone was created with a gift and purpose and being tied to a person should not make you abandon your purpose. when they come together they are designed to form a constellation. issues are inevitable.
    Thanks for the journey.


  3. Awesome Q and A sessions

    I have a few Q to ask though *wipe brows, rubbing sweaty palms”*

    How do you relax
    How do you gain inspirations for your writeup?
    Have you ever once wished you were a boy?
    Any pet peeves?
    Finally who is/are your role model(s)?


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