We’ve reached the 13th day of the A-Z blogging challenge which means we’re halfway already! Awesome! Churning out contents everyday is crazy! There are some days when I’d blankly stare at my screen and not have what to write but God always intervenes! Thank God! 😊

MI think my favourite letter is M because that’s my name 😃 Plus there are quite a number of topics that start with M. Anywho, I’ll be talking on ‘Me, my and mine’ *dusts off English textbooks and picks up glasses*

Me- used by a speaker to refer to himself/herself

My- of/belonging to me

Mine- refers to a thing or things belonging to the speaker.

I can hear you say “Okay M, cut to the chase- I don’t need any more English lessons.” My bad!

Yeah so ‘Me’;Selfishness takes root from this word. It’s all about me, I’m ‘self made’, it’s all mine! Just a few examples of sentences which have selfish indicators. (You know, like a ‘self-radar’ you can tell when one is selfish).  

TBH, I’m pretty selfish myself and highly possessive with a big ‘MINE’ written all over ‘my’ stuffs. My admittance to that is because God has been pointing me towards it. I can sit here and tell you man is inherently selfish, so I have every right to be. But this only negates the work of transformation Christ has done in us. ‘The old things are passed away and all things become new (2 Cor 5:17)’ So why do we cling to selfishness as though our lives depend on it?

When you think only about ‘me’, everything you do will be in pursuit of ‘my’ objectives by ‘my’ abilities and whatever you attain will be seen as ‘mine’. I hope you got that, because that’s key.

A ‘me’ person who thinks only of themselves would seek to achieve their ‘my’ goals and dreams by their ‘my’ abilities in order to get stuffs they can boldly tag as ‘mine’

I hope I haven’t lost you. Just take it in slowly.

A ‘me’ centered mentality is destructive and could lead to serious depression when the ‘my’ plans don’t work out ‘my’ way. Or you could end up in sadness when the things that are ‘mine’ are stolen or destroyed.


So what’s the remedy?

Take the focus off ‘me’ and put it on God. We are sure there is no shadow of turning with Him. His yes is yes and His no is no. He’s not gonna be political with you nor will He deceive you. So make it about Him.

Then begin to pursue ‘His’ goals and plans. FYI, don’t think for a second it will be some invisible transaction ’cause He’s gonna ask you to do stuffs for people that would pinch you. He will work on your pride and ego.

Instead of ‘mine’ it will be ‘ours’. So don’t frown when He tells you to give someone that new dress you got or that money you were stashing in the bank. Not even that plate of food would be ‘mine’.  Notice I said ‘ours’ because God wouldn’t be possessive of your material things in order to use them for Himself. The shared partnership is so you have enough for yourself and enough for others. He understands when that money in your pocket is all you have and He won’t ask you to give it away to spite you. He will ask you to give it away so you receive something more. Which still isn’t solely yours.

I know this is mind racking! It is for me as I type away on my phone this rainy morning.

When you shift the focus from yourself to God, you’re also opening yourself up to men. As you pursue God’s heart, you will find yourself doing things for people or serving in ways you never imagined! Even if you’re not a talker, God may just nudge you to talk to someone on the bus or wherever and that in itself could be lifesaving.

And when you start making profit from all the things He has taught you to do, don’t for one moment think it’s all for you (like that fool in the Bible). He will open your eyes to needs around you and you will find yourself giving away all you got.

Best part? You will be fulfilled if you obediently follow His instructions (Isaiah 1:19). You will go to bed with a smile across your face every night even if you have nothing in your account. Why? Because you know God’s got you.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to share but please link back to the blog.

Lots of love,




TBH- To Be Honest.  FYI- For Your Information

6 thoughts on “Me, My and Mine

  1. Oh I love this one so much. I understand fully well what you mean. It’s always amazing the things God may ask you to do, but He always has our backs.


  2. When God ask you to plant a seed, its because he has a harvest on his mind. But sometimes its hard to give especially when you feel you need it more than the person you are told to give it to.

    The truth is we never own anything, we are stewards and channels

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  3. Hi, M! I missed this day…probably missed half the alphabet when you were doing this! I think my “M” would be Meditation. I need to spend more time meditating on the Lord’s word…as do many people. Have a great day,



      1. So true. I have another reader who talks about mindsets all the time. If we are going to stay in the “zone,” we need a tough mindset to make a good foundation for study, prayer, and meditation! The evil one will do all he can to keep us from that goal, you can count on that!

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