Letter K is definitely for Kirk Franklin, one of the dopest gospel artists I know! 😊

I grew up listening to Kirk Franklin’s songs. I still remember choreographing some of them as a kid. Some 20 years down the line, I’m still intrigued by his songs and how God has kept him relevant.

Kirk Franklin
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Growing up then, I knew all the lyrics to ‘Revolution’ and some other songs. We had tapes back then and they would come with this folded paper that had all the lyrics. Dang! I feel quite old remembering that. 😁 (shout out to all the 90s kids) tape

I literally grew up to almost all his songs. ‘Cause I remember listening to them as a kid, as a teenager and now as a young adult.  Dude! Are you my ‘fairy-god-father’ or something? *thinking out loud* 😃

The other day on BET, I was watching the ‘Celebration of Gospel’ where Kirk Franklin presented some songs from his last album. He didn’t look old and worn out. He was still jumping and dancing all over the place! It’s amazing! At 46, he’s still really awesome!

While for me, I do a little thing and I feel tired and worn out. I face a bad break and I coil up at the curb, washing my face with tears while life passes me by. How pathetic! If people twice my age are still crazy about God, what excuse do I have?

Praising God shouldn’t only happen when things are rosy and the sky is blue. We should be able to thank Him when it seems like there’s absolutely nothing to be thankful for- because, there is! There’s always something to be grateful for.

Another reason why I really love Kirk Franklin’s songs is the honesty in them. He writes some really deep songs for the brokenhearted as well as some really cool songs for those whose spirits are high.

I still have some songs from his last album ‘Losing My Religion ‘ on repeat. You have no idea how much songs like ‘My world needs you right now’ and ‘Pray for me’ helped me through the bad days. (You should check out that album if you haven’t).

I bless God for his life and the lives of all the artists who show that gospel music is not ‘boring’.😉

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Who is your favourite gospel artist? Got any recommended song I should listen to? Please share. 

Lots of love,


12 thoughts on “Kirk Franklin

  1. Losing my religion is one of the albums I’m checking out now.. I got plenty love for Kirk too, the man life is inspiring for how he’s kept on with Christ.
    I agree with you we should always Praise God. Gospel music has never been boring, our appetites simply betray our interest.
    I don’t have a favourite Gospel artist (I like Israel Houghton, Fred Hammond, Nathaniel Bassey, etc.) , I do think you should get Travis Greene’s album – The Hill.

    Quick one.. Can I pick up on K instead of starting from A?

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    1. I like what you said about ‘our appetites simply betray our interest’ so true! I love Travis Greene as well as the other artists you mentioned. Of course! You can start from wherever you choose 😀

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  2. Listen to live by Marvin Sapp,
    Your love wins – Marvin Sapp,
    Holy Spirit overflow – Marvin Sapp
    Intentional – Travis Greene


  3. I was bopping to his latest album this morning driving in to work! My son loves #3 Victory!!! Talk about Repeat!!! Lol! My all time favorite KF praise song hands down is Now Behold The Lamb and Imagine Me is a close second. Love him!💕


  4. 😆🙈, just remembered choreographing to ‘Stomp’ and yes, the ‘DJ’ had to rewind the tapes at some point 😄.

    I don’t think I have any favourite gospel artiste. The few that come to mind – Shai Linne, S.O, Beautiful Eulogy, Rhye, Omaro and the Himble beast fam.


    1. LOL! I can totally imagine the choreography! Yes these artists are pretty dope. I’ve listened to almost all of them. But I’ll sure check out the ones I haven’t yet. Thank you Tony!


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