It’s the fourth day of the A-Z blogging challenge and the letter is D!

So why dance? (Why not daydream which I do a lot or dogs, which are cute as long as they aren’t barking at me) 😀

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Dance is an art. An art so intricately designed. It’s completely mind blowing how the body can move in such rhythmic strokes to music! I absolutely love dance and my favourites are hip-hop and contemporary. The union between songs in these genres and the body movement is simply amazing! Well, if you were wondering, I dance-but I’m still a ‘closet dancer’ 😀

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Dance expresses emotions in the rawest forms. If it’s anger, you can see that in dances like krumping. If it’s love, you can see that in contemporary or ballet. I’ve also learnt to channel my emotions to dance. When I’m sad, I dance. When I’m excited. I dance. And no, you won’t catch me dancing just yet 😀 Well, not until I go for proper dance lessons.

My love for dance started from watching a lot of dance movies (the likes of Save the last dance, You got Served, Honey, Stomp the Yard, Step up etc). I still daydream that ‘the one’ may just be my dance instructor or something *lovestruck*Lol.

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I’m not always happy when I visit churches and there’s no dance unit. Come on! This may just be the only talent some youths have and I strongly believe it should be harnessed to the glory of God. David in the Bible was equally a crazy dancer. There’s this popular song ‘when the spirit of the Lord is upon me, I will dance like David danced…’ Now that the Spirit is within you, wotchu waiting for? Dance!

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Dance is a beautiful art! It’s also a good form of exercise. Try out Zumba dance videos if you’re crazy about keeping fit 😉

I say this again, dance is a channel for the expression of emotions/feelings. Whether it is sadness or gladness, you can always express it in dance!

You have turned for me my mourning into dancing; You have loosed my sackcloth and girded me with gladness- Psalm 30:11

The joy of our hearts has ceased; Our dancing has been turned into mourning.– Lam 5:15

Don’t put dance in a box, let dance flow. Be as creative as you can with dance, that’s the beauty of it!

So how about you- do you dance? What’s your favourite type of dance?

4 down, 22 to go!

Lots of love,



15 thoughts on “Dance

  1. I love this Dainty! The art of Dancing is so powerful! For me, when I am dancing, I escape from everything that concerns me. I get lost in the music, rhythm, words and fun of it all. I really like dancing with my husband. He’s super cute and can hang with me! Lol! But when it comes to praise dancing, ballet, ballroom and beyond, I still experience that mental escape by watching others. Just so priceless and indeed one of my favorite pass times!😊


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