Still on the A-Z blogging challenge. Today’s letter is B 😀


There’s this show on Nat Geo, ‘Brain Games’ and I really like it. A bunch of fun games are played to test your brain’s power in solving them. I’ve heard someone say the brain is like a muscle that needs to be constantly worked on and I agree.

Brain teasers are fun ways to have test the brain power. If you’re competitive as I am, you will stop at nothing till you get the right answers. So here are a bunch of work outs for the brain. I know I’ve got really brilliant readers so lets work out the following brain teasers.

1.brain t

2. How many people are in the image below? 12 or 13?

brain tease

3. riddle

4. brain

Alrighty! Lets get to it 😀

Please specify the number when you drop an answer.

Good luck!


18 thoughts on “Brain Teasers

  1. 1. CABDE
    2. 13
    3. Today, Monday and Tuesday.
    4. Is there any paragraph at first save for when the “unusual” started that line. It’s actually unusual. Lool


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