Hi guys!

Hope you’re still enjoying the Easter holidays- ’cause I am! πŸ˜€

April is a perfect month to carry out blogging challenges and I have decided to embark on the A-Z blogging challenge. It’s all about posting each day (except Sundays) using the letter for the day to create a topic.

The blogging challenge starts on April 1st with the letter A and on to the end of the month with Z. Please I’d need all the support and encouragement I can get from you. ❀

And yes! I’ll need topic suggestions as well (especially for letters like X and Q) πŸ˜‰Β . If you’ve got anything you’d like me to write about, please drop it in the comment section below.

I’m super psyched about this challenge! πŸ˜€ And I’d love you to join in!




7 thoughts on “A-Z Blogging Challenge

  1. Hmm, maybe Q&A would be good for the letter Q, if you’re interested in doing that? πŸ˜€ And X? Gosh, that is a hard one! Maybe google some words starting with X and their definitions? XD Great job taking on the challenge! πŸ˜‰


  2. Hey, frankly, it’s quite difficult: X or Y.
    But now I think about it, the issue of xenophobia (around the world, and prominently in South Africa then) comes to mind. So I’d consider “Xenophobia and Forgiveness” or “Turning The Other Cheek” (under the same case of xenophobia) generally, or you may rephrase.


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