Hey guys!

Hope the week has been beautiful so far. Mine has had its highs and lows. One definite ‘high’ for me is the nomination by the lovely Sarah from Forever Aspiring Writer for the ‘Tag of Happiness’. She writes so beautifully and I must say, her blog is the definition of happiness! Please check it out 😀

Here is how it goes:

Some SONGS that make me happy:

Shake it off by Taylor Swift, This is the Stuff by Francesca Battistelli, Fight Song by Rachel Platten, Life in colors by One Republic and Live it Up by Group 1 Crew.

Some BOOKS that make me happy:

Do Stylebooks count? 😀 And any book with a colourful book cover.

Some MOVIES that make me happy:

Fast and Furious! And any action movie that gets me at the edge of my seat 😉 Sitcoms definitely make me happy!

Some FOODS that make me happy:

Triple decker pizza and Ice cream!! 😛

Some WORDS that make me happy:

Shopping, fashion, dance, laughter, new …a lot come to mind!

Some SCENTS that make me happy:

I’ll definitely agree with Sarah on the air after it’s freshly rained, the scents from designer perfumes…does the aroma of freshly baked bread count? 😀

Some RANDOM things that make me happy:

Dancing, riding bikes, seeing a message from that special someone 😉 taking tours/hikes

Thank you Sarah, I had fun doing this! 😀 ❤

Photo credit: giphy.com

I nominate everyone interested in this. I hope you’re as happy as I am while writing this.

What are some of the things that make you happy? Please share in the comment section 🙂

24 thoughts on “The Tag of Happiness

  1. What makes me happy!
    Bathing in the rain – romantic, beautiful feeling
    The sound of flying aeroplane while it rained – so beautiful
    New gadget
    Good food , I mean salad + plantain + jollof-rice + malt
    Watching the Sun go down
    Riding bicycle
    Reading creative book
    Eureka moment while reading the bible


  2. Whoa! We literally have the same taste in music! Fight Song is currently one of my favorite songs, and I love the singers/bands mentioned! Some things that make me happy are music, books, writing, old 80s shows (Boy Meets World, Full House, Family Ties, etc.), hanging out with friends, and desserts/junk food. 😊


      1. Amen to that! Rain is a complete disaster on Socal highways causing a number of accidents. Commuters just don’t know how to drive more carefully to work and school, etc. in the little bit of rain we get!!



      2. Well, we need more rain whether or not we can navigate well in it! Who knows, maybe if we had rain more often, we’d learn how to get around in it better…

        (sorry to be so long to answer your comment!)


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      3. Yes He will…and maybe we don’t need any more rain. Maybe we have as much as we need according to God’s will. I like the idea of speedboats though…

        Enjoy your evening,

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