focus-daintymI had one of those weeks when I couldn’t come up with anything to post on the blog. And I began to freak out because I made a commitment to post every Sunday this year-it’s way too early to start derailing. In one of my devotionals, I read about focusing on God and I was pretty psyched to try it out. I stared into the blank wall for a while with my thoughts saying; ‘Dear God, I’m here, focusing on you. Say something.’ My mind interprets everything in terms of images, so even when I’m trying to focus on God, my mind starts conjuring images of what He looks like and how He’s towering down on me and giving me a hard stare.  After staring at the blank wall for what seemed like an hour, I had successfully made plans on what to wear the next week, what to eat over the weekend, calls I needed to make and emails I had to reply… I even made a budget for the next month! When I was done ‘focusing on God’ I went back to other things.

Clearly I hadn’t ‘focused on God’. Rather, I spent thirty minutes mapping out plans. It’s not my fault! I just love making plans and strictly sticking to them (yeah, I know I sound really structured-I get that a lot). But God also loves making plans! He already drafted the plans for my life and yours long before we were born. What interests me is how God works out the plan in a fun way. Yeah we drift (mostly because we don’t even know the plans) but He still finds His way around. If a piece of my plan were to fall out, I’d freak out! My mind would begin summersaulting. But God doesn’t freak out even when we leave the right lane and start living another person’s life! How does He do that?

Well, He doesn’t want us to freak out about our plans. That’s why He said ‘don’t worry about your life, what you will eat, what you will wear…’ (Matt 6:25) Funny how these are the foundation stones for every other thing we worry our little minds about. You tell me not to be anxious and I find myself wondering why you said so-maybe something bad is about to happen-OMG! What is it? :O I get so wrapped up in my mind; I just want to scream ‘GET ME OUTTA MY MIND!!!’

Even though God has said we shouldn’t worry, I find myself doing so and it’s exhausting. So yeah, I’m going to focus on God. Because if He’s said I shouldn’t worry, He definitely has a plan. It’s okay if I don’t know everything, but I’m gonna trust Him to reveal each piece of the puzzle till I see the big picture. Hey! Some of the pieces won’t make any sense, but just trust Him 🙂

So here’s something I found about that verse that talked about not worrying and stuff. He’s like, I know you need to fill your mind with stuff, why not fill it with the kingdom?(Matt 6:33) Oh yeah, that can make you wrinkle your little nose all you want but seeking the kingdom first is the key to every other thing you want in life! I’d probably do a whole new post on that. But for this week and through the new month, I want to challenge you to focus on God and pursue the things that please Him; especially as regards promoting the kingdom.

In case you’re lost for how to do so, here are a few things you could do;

-Pray for others 🙏🙏

-Give to God and give others 😀

-Tell others of God’s love ❤❤

-Help out in your church 🙂

This is a sketchy list but I hope to make a more robust post on this! But I welcome other ideas on how to seek the Kingdom in the comment box 😀

Thanks for reading! Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section and do share with friends! God bless you!

Much love! ❤ ❤

©Mfon Etuk, 2016

26 thoughts on “FOCUS

  1. WOW! I needed to hear that! Sometimes I get myself so freaked out, worried that my dreams and plans won’t come to pass. Great reminder to trust God and not worry about the future! And great advice! Maybe you could add Bible reading? Anyways, as always, great job! 👍👏😃


  2. Dainty,
    Poignant!!! This is a great post. This certainly reminds me of the poem that I have posted before:

    Let go, Let God ( A Poem)
    by Lauretta P. Burns

    As children bring their broken toys with tears for us to mend,
    I bought my broken dreams to God,
    because He was my friend.
    But then, instead of leaving Him at peace to work alone,
    I hung around, and tried to help
    with ways that were my own.
    At last I snatched them back and cried,
    “How can you be so slow?”
    “My child, “He said, ” what could I do? You never did let go.”

    Don’t stress about posting at all. It will come to you. I really enjoyed this. Thanks!!!


  3. Oh my goodness, I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only one who overthinks! 😉 This was such a great post, Mfon; focus is everything! 😀 I so admire your resolution to post every Sunday – good job; you’re doing to do this, girl! 😀 ❤
    Ways that I seek the kingdom of God is realising that it is actually in me (Luke 17:21); and sometimes for me, it's just about activating it! I can easily forget how powerful I am through Him… sometimes I just need a little nudge in the right direction. 😀 XD

    All my love! ❤


  4. Great post as always. Thanks for not procrastinat, I’m The Queen of putting off writing on blog, I need help Lol! In this noisy world, it’s really hard to focus on God and I always try and fail, praying for others is a habit I’ve learned especially when I don’t have words to pray for myself. And you! We need to talk oh, what’s the way to reach you? Give me your PA’s number so I can make an appointment oh!


    1. Thank God for the post! It’s always a ‘try-fail-try-again’ situation with me too. Haha @PA. Yes! We definitely need to talk! 😀 I had to check your blog for social media contacts but didn’t see.You can send a mail to lets start from there please. Looking forward to this!


    1. Yes, we are all trying and I trust His grace is sufficient for us! Tuning out the noise and distractions can be pretty hard but we won’t stop trying. Thanks Sesan!


  5. This was awesome Dainty!! My mind wonders when I’m focusing on God too. I don’t think we will ever be truly perfect at it until we meet Him face to face and all the worldly cares and distractions are gone. Have a blessed week!


  6. Each post comes with a new dimension and as we read it somehow transport our minds. Deep thoughts M, One never stops reading until he/she have gone through the post even as far to the comments from friends; it is always inspiring♠
    I went through the comments and I see wonderful comments leaving me to think where to start from and not talking about the beautiful poem◀LET GO , LET GO▶ a lesson to draw from it and also many of us focus on God with something that is troubling us or what we want him to do.
    My opinion as I was going through this just to add to what you have highlighted already is what God really wants us to focus on. As i look at our lives, i keep on having this feeling that many of us have dropped our guard,we seem to be getting cold. I want us to focus on an issue that borders the Heart of the master and that is found greatly all through the New testament is the issue of God’s Government/Kingdom. In Col 1:13-14 He showed us that God was on a rescue mission, He rescued us just as a good swimmer rescued a drowning swimmer. He rescued us from the government/Kingdom of darkness and brought us into the Kingdom of His dear son. No one wanted to be saved from the pressure of sin by our nature. We live in a generation that we are just living and going. there is no consciousness, deliberate thinking, meditating on the nature of that Christ. Why is the issue of the Kingdom so important bcos outside our focus and emphasis on it, I don’t know why we are Christian, there is no meaning to the Christian life. Let me say this that Jesus really didn’t die for me, He died for his own program To ESTABLISH A KINGDOM but He needed me saved to be part of that Kingdom, By implication he has to die cos without dying I cannot be forgiven of my sin therefore I cannot be part of that Kingdom. I was saved for His own program. 2cor 5:15. He died for all, so that those who live should no longer live for themselves, but only for him who died and was raised to lift for their sake. He wants us to be representing him, Speaking for him, living for him, acting on his behalf in the office, schools, business places, street , church etc.
    Christ first message in mark 1:15 was about the Kingdom and in Acts1:3 after his resurrection, he spent the next 40days talking about the Kingdom. If the master can dedicate himself, focusing and talking on the issue of the kingdom after his resurrection for 40 days Then it is the most crucial matter you and I, the church should be talking and focusing on. He knows the things that are best for us but he told us go live the fulfilling of those things to him and the only thing he told us to seek is the Kingdom. *Matt 6:33* The new testament put is as THE THINGS THAT ACCOMPANY SALVATION and the old testament put it as DRAWING FROM THE WELL OF SALVATION.
    God Bless you always M.

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