aOne minute you think you’re free from the chains that held you bound; the shame that took you captive, the addictions that controlled you; the secrets and lies that had you insecure. You feel free and liberated; confident about your life. Then one day, it slowly creeps in like the darkness, uninvited. You fall so hard, you can’t get up. Whatever happened to your freedom? Was it all smoke and mirrors? Is there really no way out of this pit?

The lies begin to seep in. ‘You will never be free’,’ You can’t tell anyone about this’. No one knows you struggle with this ‘weakness’. Yes, you call it a weakness because you’re scared to call it what it is- SIN.

It eats so deep into your system, wraps its tentacles around you, clogging your intake of God’s light through His word. Slowly you begin to distance yourself from people who love you, especially people who love God. Nah, you don’t need the judgement from church folks. Nobody does.

Soon enough you begin to feed the sin without complaining. Unconsciously, subconsciously you give your body what it demands, being a slave to it’s bidding. ‘I want more food!’ ‘Yes master!’ sounds familiar? Nobody chooses to be a slave. But as soon as you sign the sin contract, you begin to avail yourself to your body’s beck and call.

Slave to sin, slave to the flesh. Heck! I don’t want to be a slave no more! I want to be able to put my body under subjection and say; ‘hey, body! You’ve gotta fast for 3 days!’ And it obeys without complain. Once you begin to plead with your body, beg your body- you’re bound! You can’t play with sin and remain unharmed. You can’t feed sin and think it wouldn’t grow and multiply. FYI sin is a living thing. It co-habits with the flesh and takes over your entirety; your thoughts and your mind. It blurs your vision from what was once distinctively black and white. You begin to see various shades of grey instead. The poor little conscience you once had gets so stifled by your constant refusal to listen.

You live in an illusion of freedom when in reality you are bound by shackles to your own body and the substance (sin) you’re feeding it. I would know, because I’m talking about me.

I’ve tried everything and nothing helps. I’m at the end of my rope. Is there no one who can do anything for me? Isn’t that the real question?

The answer, thank God, is that Jesus Christ can and does. He acted to set things right in this life of contradictions where I want to serve God with all my heart and mind, but am pulled by the influence of sin to do something totally different. –Rom 7:24-25

There is definitely a way out and you haven’t run out on your ‘Grace Express Card’ yet. Withdraw from it in true repentance. Turn to the one who has the key to the cuffs that hold you bound. He’s the only one who can save you. I know you may feel, ‘hey, I can still control this’. But you really can’t. Soon enough, the sin grows and multiples and keeps having babies on your inside. All pulling you to do the things you ‘don’t’ want to do. Oh yes! A little part of you doesn’t. But sin doesn’t care. It does a hostile takeover!

So take in a deep breath (evidence that you’re still living). Good. Please say this prayer from the depth of your heart.

Dear Lord. I believe in you. I believe you died and rose for me. I have been struggling with this sin (mention it) for some time now. And I want to be free from it. I know you can set me free and I believe that I am free. Please forgive me for my sins and take me back. I can’t do this on my own. Thank you for hearing and answering me. In Jesus name, Amen!

So if the Son sets you free, you are free through and through.-John 8:36

It’s my desire that you live victorious lives! Go ahead and live young and free!

Lots of love,

© Mfon Etuk, 2016