Phototastic-18_12_2015_fee7d96d-2230-4474-bd61-b3810b922210.jpgYippee! It’s that time of the year! There is no doubt, Christmas is the best time of the year for all the right reasons; Holidays, family, food, gifts, decorations, carols and the best part; Christ, who came to save the world!
A friend of mine pointed out that Christmas is overrated. No one really pays attention to the reason for the season. All that matters is what we get ourselves, how much food we get to eat and how we get to spend the holidays and watch the year end. But is Christmas really overrated? Has it completely lost its meaning? Come on! The first six letters in the word say it all. Christ! Without Him, it’s just another mass.
I love Christmas! I love everything about it, including the weather! The harmattan seems to be all over the place, making the morning and nights really chilly. And I love it! Cozying up in the blanket at night watching a Christmas romcom, nibbling on some chocolate… that’s my idea of a perfect night!
I love the time I get to spend with my family. Right now, I’m writing this from the warm couch of my family home in Uyo, Southern Nigeria. It feels so good to be home! Not thinking of work or traffic but just basking in the euphoria of the season.
Then the gifts! Oh my! I just luuuv me some gifts. No doubt, that’s my love language. My grin while unwrapping gifts is out of this world! 😀
Oh yeah, the food! Lots of them! I once said my hometown is known for the amazing dishes and you bet all of them are usually on display then! #CalabarKitchen
I also love putting up the decorations and watching how they light up the house like a city on a hill. The Christmas spirit envelops me like a mail sent via post. It’s incredible!
But my friend’s words keep ringing in my ears. Is this all there is? How about those without food? Those without families? Those who don’t have a home to decorate or gifts to give and receive? It breaks my heart when I think about it.
So instead of sitting in despair, I believe we can open our hearts and hands to these people. Identify people around who don’t have what you do. Give out food, shelter, time, care, money, attention, warm blankets, and everything you can to make sure someone else is happy this Christmas. In so doing, you would be putting a smile on Jesus’ face.
The story of the rich man and Lazarus easily comes to mind (Luke 16:19-31) those who need help may just be at your gates. I pray we recognize them and we bless them as we have been blessed.
Thank you so much for the readership, the encouragement, the comments, criticisms, sharing of the link etc! You guys have been wonderful! God bless you massively this season and keep you to see a better 2016.
This is wishing you a pleasant Christmas and a super duper year ahead!!!
Love you muchos!

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