Hey guys!
So today I’ll be exploring the crotchet braids hairstyle. Thanks to some really encouraging friends and a ton of helpful YouTube videos, I was able to get this hairstyle installed. And hey, it’s pretty easy to DIY.
I installed them with the help of my sis and it came out pretty amazing. I used Janet Collection Marley hair for the install but I’ve seen videos where other extensions were used as well.

Here are the things you’ll need
1. Marley hair (I used 3 packs) or any extensions of your choice
2. Crotchet pin (latch and hook)
3. Moisturizer and water

4. Pair of scissors
5. Perm rods

Photo credit: daintym.com


1. Weave your hair into cornrows of your choice

2. Tuck in the tail and begin to crochet on it

3. Insert the crotchet pin with the latch open, pick a piece of the Marley hair and place securely in the hook and close the latch

4. Pull the crotchet pin out with the piece of hair, open it and put in the remaining piece of hair through the tunnel created to make a knot. Tug lightly to tighten the knot. You could also make two or three knots to secure it.

5. Repeat process across cornrows

6. When you get to the parting, as against putting both ends of the hair through the tunnel to make a knot, you are to put in a single strand. This gives the parting a more natural look and a less bulky feel.

For mine, I had two side partings; left and right and a center part so I repeated the process in those partings.

7. At the end of the installations I had quite a full mane so I had to trim the scraggly hairs.


8. I rolled them using perm rods. You may want to watch videos on this so you get the proper technique. I missed it the first time and hated how the curls came out. You could also do the Bantu knots to get amazing curls.

9. Carefully insert knots into a cup of steaming hot water for about 15-60 seconds. Towel dry immediately. I think it’s best to get someone help you do this part so you don’t burn yourself.

10. Allow the hair to fully dry before taking out the perm rods. I allowed mine all through the night and took off the perm rods in the morning.

It’s unbelievably easy to maintain. You can sleep with a light scarf or a soft night cap to secure the curls. You could also apply shea butter or any other hair product of your choice regularly to the cornrows to maintain the moisture of your hair.
So that’s it!

Here are nine ways you could style your crotchet braids:


Photo credit: daintym.com

Hope you enjoyed this!
Lots of love,

© Mfon Etuk, 2015


6 thoughts on “Hairstyles: Crotchet Braids

  1. Hi Mfon,

    I enjoyed reading this, I love DIYs because of the sense of self-sufficiency and creativity.

    I’ve been meaning to try out crochet braids, it looks like a super protective hairstyle, I guess I’ll pre-curl the hair before crocheting as I am worried that I’ll burn myself with the hot water while inserting the hair post-crocheting.

    Your hair came out nice, well done. Thank you for sharing this. 🙂


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