90 Degrees Love


90 degrees

I hope this 90˚ triangle came out well. I never really liked maths, just knew I had to pass it :D. In my previous piece on Loving me, I was able to talk a little about loving yourself. Now this is another exciting piece on the famous commandments on love.

Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind’; and, ‘Love your neighbour as yourself.’ Luke10:27

Ring a bell? Yup! Sunday school lessons.

Get your geek glasses on, it’s time for maths class! Please don’t go! Didn’t mean to chase you away with that. Lol.

Hang on as we analyse this love triangle.

Love God

First, you need to love God. This obviously is not love at first sight because you haven’t seen Him-yet. A relationship with God isn’t meant to be lopsided. Nobody likes the unrequited love. Well at least, I don’t! Please note that God is not a genie; He is not just there to make your dreams come true. He longs for a relationship with you, as your Father, Friend, and Lover.

Remember the song ‘I’ll catch a grenade for you?’ Well, He actually caught a grenade for you (ok, maybe not a grenade; but nail piercings on a cross aren’t cool either) Funny part is, He did that when you didn’t even know/love Him. He knew you even before you were conceived. He has kept you this far and has led you to this blog post today. Come on! Do you need a psychic to tell you He is crazy about you?!

Accepting Him as your personal Lord and Savior is the way forward. I really like the word ‘personal’. Maybe because I’m a bit possessive, so saying stuffs like ‘MY OWN Lord and Savior’ rocks my socks. Making him ‘yours’ gives you this sense of belonging, knowing that He loves you and will always be there for you.

So then how do we love Him? By knowing Him for ourselves, not just based on what someone else said about Him. Spend time with His word; seek Him through prayers; quietly listen for His voice; sing and dance for Him.  But we all know you can’t just jump and start doing all these stuffs if you haven’t even accepted to ‘go out with Him’. Oh yes! He has asked you out already!
We wouldn’t be able to love when we don’t know Love Himself. Picture it this way, God is like the sun (in this scenario sun=love); so we act as mirrors, finding ourselves in Him and in turn reflecting that ray of love to others.

Love Me

Moving on, at the corner of the angle is ‘Me’. You need to love yourself. Again, you have to fall in love with yourself every day. I hear people say ‘I hate how big my eyes are’ or ‘why did God give me such big nose?’ I have also said stuffs like ‘if only I had that hourglass body ‘ and ‘if only I had her voice’ and so on.

Truth is, some of us don’t love ourselves as we ought to because we don’t know ourselves well enough. A journey to self-discovery and self-love exposes new potentials we never knew we had in us. It opens us to unique creative thought processes that lay dormant; talents untapped. I think an Eat, Pray, Love tour is quite necessary!

Remember you’re like a mirror. You reflect His love. You see yourself as He sees you. Wonderful, beautiful, talented, strong…and more!

Love others

Hmm, now this is the difficult part. At least for me! Of course it’s a lot easier to love people who are sweet, nice, kind and caring. But what of those who are mean? Who constantly try to bring us down with hurtful words and actions? Do we really have to love them to? Hate to disappoint you dear, but yes we do! But you know how we can do this? By reflecting His love. As mirrors, we reflect His love to others. Yes, they may be really, really annoying. They may not be worth our love! But do you really think you’re worth His love? Yet He loves you! So why can’t you extend that love to others? Look at the triangle again, notice how His love flows both to ‘Me’ and ‘Others’? Likewise, we ought to love others as He loves us.

There is a lot to ponder upon and  adjustments to be made. Even for me. Sometimes I get stuck at the angle where I only love myself, obsessively looking at myself in the mirror of His love, and failing to reflect that love to others. But hey, we can’t beat ourselves up about it! Now we know what we ought to do and His grace is more than enough to help us do the right thing.

It’s always my desire that you live victoriously!

Lots of love,

© Mfon Etuk, 2015



Hairstyles: Crotchet Braids


Hey guys!
So today I’ll be exploring the crotchet braids hairstyle. Thanks to some really encouraging friends and a ton of helpful YouTube videos, I was able to get this hairstyle installed. And hey, it’s pretty easy to DIY.
I installed them with the help of my sis and it came out pretty amazing. I used Janet Collection Marley hair for the install but I’ve seen videos where other extensions were used as well.

Here are the things you’ll need
1. Marley hair (I used 3 packs) or any extensions of your choice
2. Crotchet pin (latch and hook)
3. Moisturizer and water

4. Pair of scissors
5. Perm rods


Photo credit: daintym.com


1. Weave your hair into cornrows of your choice

2. Tuck in the tail and begin to crochet on it

3. Insert the crotchet pin with the latch open, pick a piece of the Marley hair and place securely in the hook and close the latch

4. Pull the crotchet pin out with the piece of hair, open it and put in the remaining piece of hair through the tunnel created to make a knot. Tug lightly to tighten the knot. You could also make two or three knots to secure it.

5. Repeat process across cornrows

6. When you get to the parting, as against putting both ends of the hair through the tunnel to make a knot, you are to put in a single strand. This gives the parting a more natural look and a less bulky feel.

For mine, I had two side partings; left and right and a center part so I repeated the process in those partings.

7. At the end of the installations I had quite a full mane so I had to trim the scraggly hairs.


8. I rolled them using perm rods. You may want to watch videos on this so you get the proper technique. I missed it the first time and hated how the curls came out. You could also do the Bantu knots to get amazing curls.

9. Carefully insert knots into a cup of steaming hot water for about 15-60 seconds. Towel dry immediately. I think it’s best to get someone help you do this part so you don’t burn yourself.

10. Allow the hair to fully dry before taking out the perm rods. I allowed mine all through the night and took off the perm rods in the morning.

It’s unbelievably easy to maintain. You can sleep with a light scarf or a soft night cap to secure the curls. You could also apply shea butter or any other hair product of your choice regularly to the cornrows to maintain the moisture of your hair.
So that’s it!

Here are nine ways you could style your crotchet braids:



Photo credit: daintym.com

Hope you enjoyed this!
Lots of love,

© Mfon Etuk, 2015


Rock Outta Your Comfort Zone!


A soft sofa, TV remote in one hand, Pringles and a can of juice in the other hand. Legs crossed. Now, that’s my classic comfort zone. I could stay for hours in that position without flinching. 
So there I am in that pleasant position. Days turn into weeks and weeks to months. I haven’t stepped out. I’m way too comfortable to do so.

But then there’s this rocking sound I hear. I can feel the sofa shaking. The TV image is scrambled. The Pringles have become way too salty for my taste. The chair is rocking. Not the soothing rocking of an old rocking chair but the turbulent shaking that shows someone wants you off that seat. Regardless of the scrambled image, I squint to watch. Even though the Pringles are now really salty, I’m still crunching them with distaste.

The rocking gets more persistent. Who’s rocking my chair? I’m holding on tightly. Grabbing the sofa with my un-manicured fingernails. Slowly and surely, it slips out of my grip. I tumble and fall. Oh, wait! This is pretty soft as well. What’s this? It is the lush green grass beneath the blue sky. No big screen TV. No snacks. No sofa. Just a vast space. What do I do with this? Where do I hide? Where do I seek comfort? 

‘Stand up,’ He says, ‘Explore. Rule the world.’ I’d rather rule the world in front of my TV screen. But now that’s gone. Fearfully I take a step. Uncertain. There could be wild animals out there. I withdraw. Finding comfort in the lush grasses.
The sun awakens in its full glory. Drying up the grasses. Green to gold, so they turn. They prick me off my butt. Now I stand. Confused. Should I turn to the left or to the right? ‘Just take a step in faith and I’ll lead the way,’ the voice instructs. I take a step. And another. Now I’m exploring exciting places I never knew existed. I slip and fall but He quickly picks me up. I learn and unlearn. I’m growing. I’m stretching. There’s so much more for me out here. My heart beats faster. I’ve got a spring in my step. I love it out here. It’s exhilarating! Who could have thought that I’d love the world outside my comfort zone? ‘Me, of course’ He replies with a knowing smile.

Photo by me

Photo by me

We all get so comfortable and satisfied with a favourable condition that we find it so hard to step out of it. We wallow in our comfort zones like ducks in a muddy puddle, oblivious to the beautiful stream of life out there. Sometimes God has to rock you out of your comfort zone to take you to where He has destined you to be. This rocking could be in the form of oppositions, dissatisfaction, feelings of un-fulfilment, discontentment…you begin to long for something more. Your heart tells you there’s much more you can do. But some of us would rather cling to our comfort zones. Too scared to step out.

I know that feeling all too well. I don’t like change especially when it involves moving from a place to another. Come on! I even have a favourite seat on the bus! I love routines so much that stepping out of my routine can disorient me. But oftentimes I feel that uneasy rocking of the chair. I know a shift is coming. But I’m way too scared to step out in faith. Fear. False Evidence Appearing Real. It robs us of the opportunity to be happy and fulfilled. What if I don’t make it? What if I fall? What if they hate this post? Oh my dear, what if they like it? What if you make it? What if you rise? Think positive.

Step out of your comfort zone. It’s high time! With every step you take in faith, be confident in the one who promised ‘I will never leave you nor forsake you’ or put differently Lo, I’m with you always, even to the end of the age. Tell fear to ‘suck it!’ and surprise yourself as you take on new and exciting challenges.

It’s always my desire that you live victoriously!

Happy new week!

© Mfon Etuk, 2015

Photo Credit: fleurdelyz.com

Photo Credit: fleurdelyz.com

Monday Musings


Grrrrrr!! It’s Monday again! I slammed the alarm clock on the bedside table and opted for 5 more minutes. Who was I kidding? 5 minutes could be the difference between getting to work on time and being stuck in rush-hour traffic; between having a good day or a crappy day. Finally, I dragged myself in and out of the bathroom and hit the road at 5:00 AM. Of course, the peculiarity of Lagos makes it necessary to hit the road so early in order to get to your destination on time.

I kept brooding about Mondays as I stared out the window, looking at the cars queuing up on both lanes. Soon enough we pulled up behind a similar queue. The inevitable rush-hour traffic was already building up. Mondays are freaking crazy! The traffic is out of this world, the stress to and fro…I can go on and on about why Mondays suck but let me rather use a few memes to describe this feeling.

Photo credit: truegif.com

Photo credit: truegif.com

Photo credit: imgur.com

Photo credit: imgur.com

Photo credit: memegenerator.net

Photo credit: memegenerator.net

I’m sure most of you can relate! 😀

However, in the middle of my brooding, the Holy Spirit reminded me of a particular quote I had seen a while back which said; ‘There is nothing wrong with Mondays, just our attitude towards it’.

Truth is, Monday is the same as any other day. It has only 24 hours (even though most times I think it’s up to 26 hours). It is our attitude towards Monday that makes it the big scary monster it is.

Please note that your attitude towards Monday could affect the remaining days of the week. If we keep trudging through Mondays, we may just find ourselves trudging through the week, waiting only to thank God for Friday #TGIF (which ought not)

Let’s change our attitude and perspective towards Mondays. Maybe, just maybe, the problem isn’t with the day, but with you.

Don’t pull through the day as though the weight of the world is on your shoulders. Remember that you can’t have a good day with a bad attitude and a bad day with a good attitude. Your attitude makes the difference!

Photo credit: lovethispic.com

Photo credit: lovethispic.com

Happy Monday Friends!

Have a victorious week ahead!

© Mfon Etuk, 2015

This is the day the Lord has made so we will rejoice and be glad in it! Ps 118:24 🙂

Jekyll and Hyde


Photo credit: figment.com

Photo credit: figment.com

Please stay.
No, leave.
Yes. No.
I’m up. I’m down
I’m happy and I’m sad
Call me Yin Yang
Cause I’m white and I’m black
I’m good and I’m bad
Rename me Jekyll and Hyde
It’s like I’m playing hide and seek
I want you. Then I don’t.
I’m in and I’m out
I enjoy your company
You’re sweet. You’re sour.
Oh sweet whispers of
Impending doom!

No, leave.
I want you and then I don’t
You’re all I want
My obsession. My illusion
You appear when they disappear
My desires, my lusts
Insatiable belly of wants
The depths of depression

No, leave.
I can’t keep living this way
I’m happy and I’m sad
I’m good and I’m bad
I’m up and I’m down
Leave me for good
Or stay…if you choose

No! Leave me
I want to be free
These chains aint bracelets
Set me free
Shine the light on me
The dark gets lonely at night

No, Leave.
You don’t own me anymore.

© Mfon Etuk, 2015

I want to do what is good, but I don’t. I don’t want to do what is wrong, but I do it anyway.

Oh, what a miserable person I am! Who will free me from this life that is dominated by sin and death? 

Thank God! The answer is in Jesus Christ our Lord.

~Rom 7:19, 24-25 (NLT)

Photo credit: goodreads.com

Photo credit: goodreads.com

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