Photos by Me
Photos by Me

A picture of me last year and a picture of me now; how have I changed?

Wow! It’s 5 days left. This is so exciting! Can’t believe it’s almost over. Thanks guys for being strong and for your constant encouragement. God bless you! 🙂

Today’s challenge is to put up pictures of me last year and me now; stating how I’ve changed. I think I’ve changed a lot. As a matter of fact, change is the only constant thing (even our new government promotes change).

We all change even without knowing it. I went searching through my photo albums, wondering how I had changed. The one that struck me first was a picture of my hair after I had chopped it a year ago. Currently, it’s all grown and full, I hardly remember I had cut it a year back.When making the cut last year, I felt devastated (even though it wasn’t such a big chop). But today, I’m grateful I did that. 🙂

Change can be positive or negative but you never remain the same way you were last year or even last month. Life changes us. People change us. God changes us. Don’t get too comfortable where you are right now, you need to start looking for positive ways to change before the winds of life toss you in the directions they deem fit.

Change is sometimes scary. I often tell friends I don’t want to be called a ‘woman’ just yet. Partly cause I still see myself as a ‘girl’. But I’m no more that little girl who ran around with cornrows, playing with careless abandon. Now I have responsibilities and a whole lot more to come. I asked my sister a while back how it felt having evolved from being single a couple of years back, to having a family to cater for including a kid. Of course, she’s handling it very well. But if you ask me, I’d say that change is super scary! But it shouldn’t be, if only we can learn to take gradual steps towards change. This stuff doesn’t happen overnight!

The Bible has many stories of how God has asked people to change locations, change their decisions, change lifestyles, change occupations etc. Take Abraham for instance; God asked him to change his location; God changed his name; God changed his family status. God is constantly in the business of changing us to become the true reflection of who He is. Don’t fight it. Let him change you. Allow him to mold you into the beautiful vessel of honor he sees you as.

If you’re like me, afraid of change, please don’t be. Change doesn’t have to be scary if you put your trust in God. Never forget that our heavenly father walks with us through the various phases on the path to total transformation.

Close with this inspiring quote;

Often times God demonstrates His faithfulness in adversity by providing for us what we need to survive. He does not change our painful circumstances. He sustains us through them. -Charles Stanley

Game time..

Let’s play the game of spotting  the difference in the pictures below; maybe it could help reveal ways I’ve changed. I particularly picked identical pictures taken at different times and different locations. Let’s see if you can help identify how I have changed. This should be fun! 😀

Property of Dainty M.
Property of Dainty M.

*Please drop a comment once you spot the differences. Thanks!*

Day 26 down, 5 more to go!

Have a blessed day!

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4 thoughts on “A picture of me last year and a picture of me now; how have I changed? -Day26

  1. Quite similar actually, but a few observations: the recent lipstick looks sharper, the hairdo now towards the left, and you actually look a little darker in the recent picture (which could be from the camera actually), the hair looks more recent, the smile wider etc etc etc. I could go on and on…don’t mind me, my teachers say I must have the eyes of an eagle to practice effectively so I’ll just applying the skills. If I’m to say, I think I prefer the 2015 edition of you. Personal opinion though. Nice work


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