Favourite superhero and why

My favourite super hero is…








 LOL. Of course, batman deserves such a dramatic entrance.

Even without superpowers, Batman makes the best use of science and technology, his detective skills, his physical and intellectual prowess as well as his vast wealth. He constantly tries to keep the city safe and free of villains.

His day time persona is that of a rich guy; Bruce Wayne, a philanthropist, a fine guy (as well as a chic-magnet).

Photo Credit: geektyrant.com
Photo Credit: geektyrant.com

Why Batman is my favourite superhero

His brain power- A friend described Batman’s IQ as Mt Everest- it’s crazy high! I’m always intrigued by his genius abilities. He thinks fast, he’s a strategist and he’s always in control. With his smooth interrogative skills, he can get the truth out of the bottom of your guts. His crime solving skills are fascinating.

His physical prowess- Batman trains a lot. He makes up for his lack of super powers with his physical strength and athletic physique.  He’s got some crazy martial arts skills as well. And he’s hot! Classic 6 packs! Lol.

His classic bat signal– the bat signal speaks terror to the villains. It breathes intimidation. The bat signal beams in the sky while batman straps in his suit and does what he’s best at-saving people. Back in Secondary school, I would draw the bat signal at the back of my notebooks. A friend of mine had to draw the full portrait of Batman for me because of how crazy I was about him 😀

Photo Credit: comicsbeat.com
Photo Credit: comicsbeat.com

His costume- I trip, fall, get up and trip again for his costume. It’s black, it’s elegant, it’s classy, full of mystery. I like everything about the costume including the mask. It’s not the regular colourful spandex that other super heroes wear, Batman’s suit is just awesome!

His toys– sleek automobiles and top class weaponry. His stash of gadgets are simply dope! (Of course, he plays with them-who wouldn’t?)

Photo credit: batmanwallpapers.com
Photo credit: batmanwallpapers.com

One last thing, no time for Jokers!

Photo Credit: 7-themes.com
Photo Credit: 7-themes.com

Batman is a fascinating character for me because he was a child who witnessed his parents’ murder and grew up determined to take down the villains. He could have wallowed in self-pity but he didn’t. Instead, he rose above it; training himself constantly. His doggedness is out of this world! He never backs down. And the fear that could have held him down is what he used to his advantage.

Just goes to show how far we can go with determination. Remember the guys in the Bible that were determined to build a tower that would bring them closer to heaven, yeah? God had to scatter them because he knew the power of determination and unity. So really, there is nothing you can’t achieve when you are determined and diligent in your work. Sha, don’t be beating against God’s wind before you end up as the tower of Babel did. 😛

 Your turn…

Who is your favourite superhero?

Day 19 down, 12 more to go!

It’s not over until it’s over.

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10 thoughts on “Favourite Superhero and Why -Day19

  1. Spongebob….lol I kno he’s not on d official “super hero list”, but he knowingly or unknowingly stops plankton from getting the secret recipe…Looool


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