What makes me different from everybody else?

When I saw this challenge, I was like ‘yeah, this should be easy breezy’ but hell no! It isn’t.

This question got me pondering all day till I got a little more clarity on the bus ride with a friend. Indeed everyone is different from the next person, but how? We all have eyes, ears, legs, hands and other physical features. Yet, there are still distinct differences even between identical twins. It’s safe to say no two individuals are the same.

The most glaring differences between each and every one are; our souls and DNAs. We have different behaviours, different upbringings, different thoughts, different attitudes, different experiences, different world views and all of these culminate in our individual differences. We also have different DNAs no matter how deeply related we are.

So here are a few differences I could gather about myself;

  • I pay rapt attention to the tiniest details- I spot out birth marks, new scents, a straying hair on the chin, a dent in the dentition, shaving patterns, fingernails- to mention a few. Sometimes it comes off really creepy to people who don’t know me well. I also keep a detailed record of my first meeting with people who have become a part of my life-what the person wore, said, including the circumstances surrounding such meetings.
  • I plan everything about me- I literally write down my outfits for the month, I draw up food menus for the week, I have plans for the books to read, plans for the hairstyles to make, plans for the income I get, plans for everything! I feel like a fish out of water when I’m not working with a laid down plan.
  • I have weird mood swings- I could be all talkative one minute and the next, I’m withdrawn. There are also times when I wake up determined to remain in my shell even if the whole world tries to bring me out. My mood swings are a bit more curtailed-thank God!
  • I can stay in my room for a whole month-as long as there’s light, wifi, gadgets and food. Really, why go out when you can shop online, order food online, make friends online, write and watch movies? #justsaying
  • I’m very personal about personal effects- cutlery, cups, brushes, towels, clothes, phones, etc They are ‘personal’ not for the masses.
  • I have teeny tiny toe nails on my last toes. I can’t even apply nail polish on them.
  • I don’t trust spas enough to lie down bare and face down on a massage table. Heck!! I could be stabbed from behind (my imaginations always run wild) I’m also freaked out when I’m physically touched. It feels like a million spiders dancing on my skin.
  • I can’t stand closed windows or enclosed spaces (especially when there are a million other people sharing the same air)
  • I always hold on tight to the control reins of my mind and emotions. I try to appear calm and collected despite the chaos going on in my head.
  • I smile a lot especially when I’m nervous or when I’m in a new place. I’m the girl with a golden smile 😀

Okay! I think I’ve said a whole lot. Phew!

I know some people can still relate to these differences on different levels.

Once again, no two people are the same; embrace your individuality.

The little things that differentiate us from others are the things that make us unique. So hey, don’t go hiding away your uniqueness when it could actually be a blessing to someone else.

Close with these quotes:

Growing up, I just wanted to be like everyone else. I didn’t value or understand the beauty in being different at the time in my life. -Marisol Nichols

I have long ago accepted that I am a little crazy and a little weird. It wasn’t that exciting a revelation though. Turns out everyone is. -Dan Pearce

The person who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The person who walks alone is likely to find himself in places no one has ever seen before. -Albert Einstein

Your turn…
What makes you different?

Day 18 down, 13 more to go.

Let’s do this!


Photo Credit- quotesfans.com
Photo Credit- quotesfans.com

7 thoughts on “What makes me different from everybody else? -Day18

  1. Nice piece dea , got me laughing at personal effects. I still remember when you would sniff on a cup u used n someone else used n gave it back to you, u would cry saying it’s smelling, thought it was weird, turns out it’s u. Lol


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