Photos by Me
Photos by Me

What is my dream job?

Today was a bit of a drag.

Woke up late and couldn’t write my post for the day in the morning as I used to.

Kinda lacked the motivation to continue 😦

Plus, a question as simple as what my dream job is feels so complicated right now.

You know how easy it was to say what we wanted to be as kids? For me, I wanted to be a Civil Engineer when I was younger so I could build a big mansion for my parents.

By the time I figured I wasn’t interested in Sciences, I began to pursue the dream of being an Ambassador. I want to be able to represent my country someday in the international system and pursue the national interests of my home country abroad. Another reason behind this dream is the desire to travel across the world and discover new cultures.

I’m still pursuing the dream 🙂

But lately, I’m more conscious of the need to align my own dreams with God’s purpose for me.

It would be mere futility to spend my life pursuing a dream that is far from what He has called me to do.

We plan the way we want to live, but only God makes us able to live it. It Pays to Take Life Seriously- Prov 16:9 (MSG)

So if you’re like me with doubts about what you’re going to be in future, cheer up. God’s got this.

The beautiful thing is that He’s got some really big plans for us and it would all work out for our good 🙂

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11 days down, 20 more to go!

Yes we can!stamp new

6 thoughts on “What is my dream job? -Day11

  1. Amen to the prayers.
    but these lines sank deep..

    “It would be mere futility to spend my life pursuing a dream that is far from what He has called me to do”.

    Thanks M.


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