Photos by Me
Photos by Me

What are my favourite hobbies?

Uhmmm, first I would say sleeeeeepp!

So when I go all ‘TGIF!!!’ just know I’m about to bond with my bed 😀

Well of course, I have other hobbies .

My favourite hobbies are:

  1. Watching movies-I really love movies cos they take you outta reality into a world of endless possibilities
  2. Dancing- a lot of friends don’t agree with my dance skills but it doesn’t stop me from dancing in front of my mirror every other night 😛
  3. Do it yourself (DIY)-this includes cut-out t-shirts and other creative stuff I do to some of my old shirts. It also covers redesigning of jewelry pieces to suit my dynamic taste.

    A heart shaped cut-out of my NYSC t-shirt
    A heart shaped cut-out of my NYSC t-shirt
  4. Photography! (especially pictures of myself- that’s right, I’m a selfie-queen 😀 ) I also love taking pictures of every other thing that looks beautiful.
  5. Hairstyling! I really love styling my hair and taking loads of pictures afterwards (I should have a youtube channel for that) 😛

    Hairstyles by M.
    Hairstyles by M.
  6. Writing (obviously! ) I love writing-especially journaling. I have a stash of journals I’ll show much later 😉
  7. Cycling- this might be the only outdoor activity in the list but just give me a bike and I’ll be as excited as a teen on her first date 😀

Way to spend a down time?

Well, I’m not much of the outgoing type so I seek activities that keep me in my comfort zone-my room. Watching movies with a bowl of ice cream always does the trick for me when I’m facing a downtime. Of course the movie has to be a romcom with beautiful and happy endings (I don’t get why I should watch tragic endings when the world is already full of that)

Shopping with friends is another lovely way of spending a downtime (except the downtime affects my wallet as well *sobs*). I always say shopping is the best therapy-there’s nothing a new pair of shoes and dresses can’t fix 😉

Photo Credit:
Photo Credit:

Fooood! 😀 There has to be food in the mix when I’m facing a downtime –definitely something sweet, creamy, fluffy, anything that caresses my taste buds and teases the pallets…hehe (I can be a foodie like that) 😛

Photos by me
Photos by me

Your turn…

What are your favourite hobbies and how do you spend a down time? Please share!

Day 7 down, 24 more to go!

Way to go!

Happy weekend guys! 😀

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4 thoughts on “What are my favourite hobbies? -Day7

  1. I’m a gamer! I love my ps3 console die (I’m yet to get the new ps4 console).

    What else……. I’m a radio fanatic. Yeah listening to the radio soothes my soul. About exrcising, I intend starting my early morning runs soon! (Been saying ‘soon’ like forever). Outgoing??? Errrm yeah I’m so game when the right partner is involved.


  2. I love to solve Sudoku puzzles…
    numbers just add colors for me when am down!!
    I also like to read and watch movies


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