Happy new month!

So, I have decided to embark on the 31 days writing challenge and it promises to be a lot of fun.

Here we go…

Photos by Me
Photo by Me

Day 1: Introduction and a recent picture

Firstly, I’m the girl who God loves 🙂

I’m proudly Nigerian

I‘m the last born of 3 pretty ladies 🙂

I could be pretty weird sometimes

I love using emoticons to express myself and I can’t seem to find any here- somebody help, how do I get emoticons?

I still watch Disney channel…( judge not- LOL)

I speak fluent Hausa cos I grew up in the northern part of the country

I like smiling a lot! (it wasn’t always that way)  😀

I can’t get tired of watching romcoms (romantic comedy)  I love happy endings

I really have a thing for colors – I guess that’s why I love the rainbow

Uhmm, this should be a brief intro yeah, so I guess I’m done (drops imaginary pen)

Photo by Me
Photo by Me

Looking forward to the other days to come!


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7 thoughts on “Introduction and a recent picture -Day1

  1. Hmm! What a challenge it’s going to be. #whew! Now aside the return of EPL, I’ve got something even more interesting to spice up my August!



    1. Wow! He just put me on the same pedestal with the return of EPL *tightens seat belts* This is gonna be fun! But I’ll need some of that Fanta please…


  2. seems the names aren’t complete though. Come to think of it…..i sure would love to follow up till the end. Can’t wait to read some M’days…….lips closed.


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