She stands firm like the Egyptian pyramids

She walks gracefully like the Gazelles

Though her skin has been darkened by the sun

Her heart is made bright by His son

She is bold like the Lion

Walks tall with her head held high like the Giraffes

She is as flamboyant as the Peacocks

Like the Camel she bears the load of her family upon her back

She is elegant and independent

She obtains all the degrees she can with determination to the best

She struggles for relevance in a man-dominated world of politics, finances and engineering

She doesn’t wait for someone to drive her around, she learns to do that herself

She is a very strong woman on the outside but oftentimes weak inside

She may act like she’s single and sassy but deep within she wants to find that male body whose rib she holds

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She keeps up with fashion trends

She doesn’t tie wrappers on her chest when she’s at home but prefers to be kitted in something sexy for her man

She works out to keep fit

She understands how important it is to keep her man and does all she can to keep him interested

She doesn’t carry plain cornrows or thread plaited hair but uses pretty extensions and wigs

She loves shopping and visiting the salon

She is classy and edgy

She walks confidently and tall in glamorous high heeled shoes

She says no to the idea of idling about at home and rather prefers to shuttle between her job and house chores

She still goes to work when she is heavy with her unborn child and has swollen feet

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The older ones look at her and say she is lazy because she uses a gas cooker to cook her meals instead of firewood

Vacuums her floors instead of bending down with a broom

Uses a washing machine to wash her clothes

She uses a food processor to make ‘pounded yam’ instead of a mortar and pistil

She buys her food fully processed or semi processed

Blends pepper instead of using a grinding stone

But is she really lazier than the older ones?

She may not have fought slave trade and black oppression

But she constantly fights oppression against young girls

She actively supports her family and doesn’t remain a liability

She doesn’t sit in the marketplace gossiping but actively does same on her social networks

She is excellent in multitasking

She remembers birthdays and anniversaries as though a reminder is in her head

She holds up her home with her daily prayers and tears at night

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She is hardworking and selfless

She pursues her career and juggles it with her family

If one were to suffer,

Definitely not her home

She reaches out to the poor on the streets

Establishes foundations to help abused children

She is an epitome of the Proverbs 31 woman

She is your mother, your sister and wife

Love her, respect her, and appreciate her.

Cheers to all the African women out there!

© Mfon Etuk, 2015

6 thoughts on “The 21st Century African Woman

  1. Hehehhe….I still tie wrapper @ home sha,..buh for real,can food processor make pounded yam? : /…twill chnge my life oo… on tho


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