Sharper than a two-edged sword,

Your love, through my heart was sawed,
Rosiness of a first time wine,
Made me give my all without collecting a dime,
Oh! I heard love is blind,
But my eyes were wide opened,
Still I couldn’t read between the lines
The lines you wrote,
Expressing silent despair but with love you coat,
Still with my eyes wide opened,
I had seen farther than my hands could reach,
Only if someone had fore told that its you, my first love lessons to teach,
I sometimes smile even in this ditch,
As your promising words now sound like verses the false prophets preach
Preaching and preaching,
That, my conscience did without feeling,
What will be, will be
But the cut has gone deep in me,
And I need the balm for a quick recovery,
I roll to and fro in my sleep,
Consoling images of your roots I see,
Over and again, my tears visit my cheeks,
My love indeed, the cut is deep
Deep enough to make me learn,
Deep enough to make me yearn,
Deep enough to make me firm,
Deep enough to make me hear,
That the next time the echoes of love come resounding,
I’ll be alert, standing and smiling,
Saying to my heart which was created for blood pumping…
“This love aint taking me over”
Cause I once was there, I saw and I conquered.
Written by Made of Red
Photo credit: Monikabharti

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