Amazing moments don’t happen only on special days. They happen everyday! I think it’s cool to outline some of these moments and be thankful for them. Here are some;

-Having a great GPA in school.
-Getting an alert when you’re broke.
-Talking on the phone for long hours with someone special.
-Buying really cool clothes that you found on sale.
-Opening presents on Christmas day.
-Learning how to drive.
-Holding hands with someone you love.
-Resting on someone’s chest or shoulder.
-Unexpected moments that become your favourite memories.
-Coming home late from work and going straight to bed.
-Taking long showers that wash away your worries.
-Bubble bath.
-Taking long walks in the park.
-When you feel as though you finally belong somewhere.
-Finally deciding what you want to do with your life.
-Feeling satisfied after a delicious homemade meal.
-Falling asleep instantly when you’re tired.
-Meeting new people that happen to change your life.
-When you have a great night of sleep after a long day.
-When you stay up late watching movies and wake up late the next day on a weekend.
-Drinking a soothing cup of hot chocolate.
-Realizing everything is going to be okay, when you stop worrying.
-Meeting the one you connect most with.
-Falling in love with the right person.
-Achieving the goals you planned.
-Listening to loud music while driving on top speed.
-Meeting long lost friends unexpectedly.
-Finally fitting into your favourite jeans.
-Hearing your best song on radio.
-When your parents say they are proud of you.
-Completing your NYSC year.
-That moment your crush likes you back.

These are a few I could come up with.
What are your most amazing moments? Comment and tell us! I’d love to read them 😀


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