My first blessing from God,
Was a family so good,
A father so strong,
Even though he’s not Armstrong
He is indeed the best I could ever wish for,
He is so caring, so loving,
So kind, yet so firm and disciplined
He’s everything I want my children’s father to be..
Daddy, I don’t get to tell you enough how much I love you,
Probably because we don’t express much emotions,
Still, I want you to know how much I and my sisters appreciate you.
As our only male figure,
You’ve done a terrific job,
Of course with the help from Mom and most especially, God.
Daddy, its no surprise that you are my role model,
You’ve set a standard so high,
Only great men can attain.
You believe in me,
Even when all hope is lost,
You stand by me like a Lion,
Watching over his cubs,
You chase away the big wolves that come to kill your little ones.
Daddy, I believe there are good men out there,
Because you are a perfect example,
I pray daily that you live long,
And all your toils pay off at the end,
Most especially that we all make it to Heaven!
Words can’t describe you,
This poem is sketchy,
But daddy, you are the ‘bestest’ dad ever!
I could never wish for anyone else.
On this special day,
I pray all your wishes come true,
May the Heavens be opened upon you today..amen!
You remain my father, my hero, my mentor, my chaperon, my Lion, bestest friend!
 (Dedicated to my dad-August 18th.)
© Mfon Etuk, 2014.

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