I never thought I will share this,
Like been in the abyss,
But it remaining with me is useless,
It may seem am letting out too much,
Just follow me closely don’t rush,

Everyone loves a happy child,
So guess when I became mild,
People just felt I was one of a kind,
Oblivious of the marathon on my mind,

I remembered vividly,
Clearer than a high definition Tevee,
How my innocence was ruptured and turn apart,
The first deep cut to my heart,

What’s the use of details,
When the deed has been done,
But my life had barely begun,
I was only 9, yet everyone assumed I was fine

They say lightening never struck a spot twice,
Guess my case, that saying didn’t hold true,
Cause how do you explain getting rapped,
In your first year at school,
By a brother in same fellowship just because I wasn’t ready for a relationship

Abortion, infections, diseases were comic relief to my grief,
I led a normal life on the outside,
People wised to swap places with me,
But within I was a prisoner who needed a help and rehab,
Suicide was all I contemplated on the inside

How could life be so unfair,
All this just too much for my share,
The pains I had to go through was like a pin in a haystack,
Whenever the mental images of my past flashed by,
I appeared healthy yet terribly sick,
Worse off, not even the one I married had a clue

If they define Health as a state of being sound, mentally, emotionally, physically, financially and otherwise,
Guess its wise to say by that definition we are all sick one way or another,
So its pointless judging another,
She’s got HIV, He’s got Ebola,
Its only a matter of time before both bid the world goodbye

Mental images are hardest to erase,
Unlike a memory card that can be formatted or crashed,
These images stay with you till your last breathe,
The only known panacea is constantly renewing your mind with the world while on earth,

I was a victim for some, others I was the cause,
But in all I was not under any curse,
Though it took me time to get my life back on course,
I surely never lived my life on pause

My complete health was restored when I got addicted to him,
He restored my broken heart and bind my wounds,
His love for me a better picture to behold,
Compared to my tales of old filled with woes,

He freed me from the prison I was in,
My life he changed and made brand new,
Your case may not be pathetic as mine,
But you can never be guilty when the plaintiff and judge are on your side,
Its no obstruction of justice,
But a reminder of how great He is,

Your mental illness is not a problem,
If only you let him be your doctor,
He will cure you, simple as ABC,
And you will be healthy again that’s all.

Written by my good friend, Alex Osagie

One thought on “Mental Health

  1. Someone around you needs to read this…it’s a beautiful piece.
    The truth is we sometimes don’t know how or where to start feeling better,but the truth is we need not bother about how,or the details, we just need to leave it to Him and he’ll make everything okay….just like that.

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