I’m finally finding peace,
Accepting this great stage of my life,
Nobody to keep thinking of,
Nobody to try and please,
Nobody to have a strife..

No one ever wants to be lonely,
Everytime the cold hands of loneliness grabbed me,
To another wrong guy I ran to for warmth,
Just to end up feeling more cold and alone than before..

Am tired of going through the same cycle,
Like a menstrual cycle,
So regular, I know when it would happen next,
He says hi and I say nice,
And soon my heart is turned to ice..

It always happens the same way,
Like am letting the same movie play,
I ‘think’ I like him,
My emptiness says go for him,
Soon I feel its not working,
I want out…everytime!

Why do I always want the red card?
My life feels like a House of cards,
Why do I start what I will end,
Leaving hearts that are hard to mend..

Finally shut the door to my heart,
But the window is still open,
People call me the serial heartbreaker,
I see me silently waiting for the next victim to walk in,
To break his very heart with my blood stained hands,
And coldstone heart..

No that’s not me,
That’s not who He’s said I am,
Why believe the lies,
Its time to break the ties,
Turning to see the one with nail pierced hands,
Waiting for me with open arms,
It seems He’s been waiting for a long time,
There are cobwebs on the seat He’s been sitting on..

That’s probably my life,
The true love I’ve avoided,
Looking for solace when He’s got a palace,
Having my heart torn apart while for me He got torn apart,
Am back home Lord,
Wrap me with your love,
Begin to stitch my broken heart,
I know I unwrapped the last three or four bandages even before the wounds healed,
I need to take a breath, give me an inhaler..

I’ve finally found peace in the Prince of peace,
The one true love that wraps me like a warm blanket in winter,
Not lonely and broken,
But complete with words left unspoken

© Mfon Etuk, 2014.

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