Hey, its M.
So I don’t just write poems, in case that was what you were wondering. I write other stuffs, well like diaries! LOL. Pardon my use of initials like ‘LOL (Laugh out loud), OMG (Oh My Gosh!), IKR (I know right) etc. (Uhmm, I believe we know what ‘etc’ stands for)
Well, about me…
I’m an everyday girl living in this complicated world. I have my ups and downs, hills and valleys, highs and lows… Sometimes I’m shy, other times I talk too much. I’m the kinda girl that would rather fade away in the background than stand tongue-tied under the spotlight. I’m 21 and yeah I’m a Nigerian! LOL, regardless of the news, Nigeria still rocks! I love my country! Okay, enough with the patriotism. This is me, the real me, delicately beautiful,intricately formed, a wet clay still being formed, perfectly imperfect.
I found writing when I had no voice as a teenager, didn’t know who I was and who I was meant to me. Couldn’t speak out or express myself, lived with so many fears and insecurities (especially my weight! And I wasn’t fat nor thin…such a wonder!). I was a nerd in High school and through my College years. I think once a nerd, always a nerd. Its just that I’m now a very ‘classy nerd’ (who would have thought those words could be joined together). There’s so much to know about me! Most importantly I’m a God lover, God pleaser, and God’s property, I’m still discovering who I am though, like everybody else, and I know the journey is gonna be blissful, as well as blister-full!
I hope I succeed in making this blog so riveting. Yeah I know this should have been my first post…but better late than never! Ciao!

© Mfon Etuk, 2014.

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