Higher Heights

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I want to soar high

Reach heights farther than sky high

I want to be the head

So that I could take the lead

I don’t want to settle for average

Cause that’s the enemy

Now it feels like the storm will rage

But with you in the boat I have got the victory

I want to shine like the star above

So that the kids will sing the twinkle twinkle song

If I have all the above

I would sing the victory song

Lord I don’t want to be just the best

I want to be able to pass the test

So that when you come for me on that day

I would have a lot to say




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You are not scared of the dark,

You are scared of what is in it

You are not afraid of heights,

You are afraid of falling

You are not afraid of the people around you,

You are just afraid of rejection

You are not afraid to love,

You are just afraid of not being loved back

You are not afraid of moving to thee next level,

You are just scared of failure

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